Early Years

English is the medium of teaching at Bromsgrove, despite a high percentage of our students having English as an Additional Language (EAL) . We believe that all students have a right to access the curriculum, which is why we base our EAL provision on a model of Sheltered Immersion. Students on the EAL programme are well-supported at BIST and it is the objective of the EAL department to improve proficiency in English to a suitable enough level to be able to access the curriculum independently.

Children who enter the school during the Foundation stage at our Early Years campus can learn English sufficiently enough to cope with the demands of a Key Stage One classroom. However, children arriving in higher year groups often need additional support in English. For students in Year One and Two we offer an EAL programme for those whose English language skills are emerging and developing. Our aim is to ensure that their level of English is proficient enough to cope with the demands of the Year 3 curriculum in the Primary School.

Primary and Secondary

Further support is provided once children join the Primary school, and our dedicated team of three EAL specialists work closely with the classroom teachers to provide individualised English language support, both in and out of the main rooms. This teacher collaboration is key to EAL planning and developing specialised resources so that co-teaching can take place, with both language and subject content being carefully considered.

Once students join the Secondary School, from Year 7 to Year 11, the EAL support offered is based on their current level of and proficiency in English. The students in most need will be placed into the Intensive English programme, usually between one to three terms (Y7 – Y8 only). In this programme the students will study English for the majority of their timetable and, consequently, they will be withdrawn from some subjects for discrete, targeted language lessons. Once their English is at an appropriate level, they will return to the mainstream classes where the EAL support provided is further differentiated. Students will be supported in core subjects by an in-class EAL specialist and also study Academic English in small groups and 1-on-1 withdrawal classes.

Typically, we would expect students from Year 10 and above already to have attained a satisfactory level of spoken, written and academic English, in order to access the academic courses we provide. For this reason, EAL support is limited in Year 10-11, and is not currently offered in the 6th Form.

English First @ BIST

Bromsgrove is proud to launch its new English First programme from August 2015
Is your child between the ages of 6 and 12?
Is their English not yet strong enough to cope with an International curriculum?
Are they conceptually able and with high academic potential?

Our new English First programme offers students without English as a first language the chance to:

    • be immersed in an English learning environment;
    • develop quickly competency in spoken and written English;
    • study with expert English teachers and in small, nurturing groups;
    • learn other subjects (Maths, Science and Art) alongside their English studies;
    • prepare for entry to Bromsgrove’s mainstream school*;
    • aim for admission to international programmes at universities in Thailand and abroad.

* English First students are monitored and tracked carefully each year, until we are confident they could cope with the mainstream curriculum.