Bromsgrove Music Sessions

September 21, 2018
Year 9 Music
This week in Music Year 9 have worked on their aural skills, learned The Lumineers song “Ho Hey” by ear. Students worked independently in small groups to work out the structure, chords and strumming patterns to the song on ukulele, guitar or keyboard. They showed excellent curiosity and determination throughout the lesson and reflected well on our whole-class work so far this term.
First Orchestra Rehearsal
After the success of our String Ensemble and Quartet last year, and an exciting TISAC Choral Day, the Bromsgrove International School Orchestra had its first rehearsal on Wednesday lunchtime. Led by Mr M-T, Ms View and Ms Hutchings, they started learning Grieg’s “In The Hall of the Mountain King”.
Year 7 Music

This week in Music Year 7 have been developing their feel for rhythms and grooves. Through “Chair Drumming” they learn the different parts to a rock beat for the kick drum, snare drum and hi-hats. They were very determined and were soon playing along to some well-known songs as a class. To finish the lesson, they all took a big risk, trying out their new skills on a real drum kit in front of the class!