Primary Learning Champion

Jaeho, Ingfa, Tor, Nile, Firm, Shreya and Pancake

Primary Community Champion

Khao Hom, Ava, Boss, Pro, Ray, Jiaxin, Lincy and Prachan

Primary Music Captains

Mark and Nama

Primary Sports Captains

Alex and Praline

Primary House Captains – Edwards:

Nonu and Opal

Primary House Captains – Taylor: 

Stanley and Gutjung

Primary House Captains – Walters:

Kenny and Angie

We are proud to introduce our Secondary Student Leadership Group of 2019-2020. At Bromsgrove, we believe wholeheartedly in student voice being key to ongoing school development. Next week, we will introduce you to our House Captains, Learning and Wellbeing Committees and Form House representatives.

‘Secondary Student Leadership Group 2019-2020’

Secondary Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl

Head Boy: Rapee Limweshasin

Head Girl: Gaia Franceshini

Deputy Head Boy: Nicholas Stanig

Deputy Head Girl: Cathy Zhou


Secondary Leadership Team

 Nicholas Stanig, Nelly Zachova, Wonwoo Lee, Kai Tarrant, Rapee Limweshasin, Gaia Franceshini, Cathy-Yujia Zhou,

Minjae Lee, Tawfiq Morshed, Ben Park and Jeana Lee