Primary Student Council

Front row: Lara, Cassius, Max, Omni, Lewis, Bella and April

Back row: Felix, Jamie, Lena, Bosco, Trisha, Elana and Ayla


Primary House Captains

 EdwardsBosco and Trisha

Taylor: Lena and Ayla

WaltersElana and Jamie

We are proud to introduce our Secondary Student Leadership Group of 2020-2021. At Bromsgrove, we believe wholeheartedly in student voice being key to ongoing school development. Next week, we will introduce you to our House Captains, Learning and Wellbeing Committees and Form House representatives.

‘Secondary Student Leadership Group 2020-2021’

Secondary Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy: Leif Holden

Head Girl: Mew Ounrasameewong

Secondary Leadership Team

Senior Prefects: Jasmine Lee, Ten Ten Tunprasert, Anna Henkens and Freya Tweddell

Sixth Form Council: Jacob Choi, Jenny Lee, Benz Wongcharoenthavorn, Arissa Rogers, Amy Tung and Valve Pavaritpong