Music Scholarships

Our scholarships are awarded to students who excel in music. We look for enthusiastic musicians who want to improve their skills, have a strong desire to perform and wish to contribute to the growth of performing arts at Bromsgrove International School.

Potential and enthusiasm are the most important features of a Bromsgrove Music Scholar. Music Scholars are awarded a discount off tuition fees only, ranging from 25% to 75%. To apply for a scholarship, candidates are required to sit the standard entrance tests for their age group and additionally are asked to:

  • Provide a portfolio or record of achievement showcasing their successes to date, including examples of performances in the form of YouTube links, CD, Flash Drive, etc.
  • Attend a scholarship audition day for an interview and to demonstrate their competencies in an audition under timed conditions.

Music Scholarship Auditions

  • You will be asked to play two contrasting pieces on your main instrument (including voice). The total playing time should be between 5 and 10 minutes. It will not be necessary to play from memory.
  • We will be looking for musical performances of an appropriate level, but at least ABRSM Grade 4 (or equivalent). Please bring two copies of your music with you. Accompaniment will not be available.
  • You will be asked to sight read, play scales in a range suitable for your instrument in major and minor keys up to 4 flats and 4 sharps, and take aural tests.
  • You will be interviewed by the Head of Music regarding your musical experience and interests.

Music Scholarship Conditions

Scholars are expected to commit to a range of enrichment opportunities and performances under the direction of the Head of Music, including:

  • BIST Youth Music Theatre (musicals and concerts)
  • School orchestra, ensemble, and choir performances
  • Solo, duet and chamber performances
  • Leadership roles in musicals and concerts
  • External performances (TISAC, FOBISIA, competitions)
  • Music or study at GCSE
  • Maintaining all academic work alongside music commitments