As a part of the school’s commitment to academic and sporting excellence, scholarships are offered with the objective to provide very able and gifted students with an outstanding education at a reputable international school here in Thailand. BIST very generously offers a small number of scholarships which cover a percentage of the cost in tuition fees at the school.

The scholarship does not cover the cost of meals, boarding, uniform, transport, books, materials, instrumental teaching, activities or trips. Please contact K. Trini, Head of Admissions at  or 02 989 4873 to enquire about applying for a scholarship.

Qualifying Age Range

Candidates should normally fall into the age range of 6 to 18 years, as on 1st September in the year of applying (school Year 2 to Year 13).

General Criteria

The awarding of each scholarship is based on the applicant excelling in that particular area of the school or curriculum for which they are applying. In addition, it is also expected that a successful BIST scholar will also be an exemplary student across all their academic studies, making a sustained effort to obtain the best academic grades possible whilst at the school.

Specific Criteria for Scholarships

Academic Excellence

These awards are given on the basis of exceptional academic performance across all their subjects. These scholarships are very prestigious and each successful recipient is expected to be model students across all areas of the school and perform to a consistently high academic level across all subjects throughout the whole school year.

Sporting Excellence

The applicant must demonstrate, or have the potential to demonstrate, exceptional ability in their chosen sport/s for which they are applying for scholarship status. They must represent the school in their particular sport (or sports team) and are also expected to be role models for their peers in the sporting curriculum. Please note for Golf Scholarships the current handicap of the student and number of competitions won will be taken into account.

Music and Drama

These awards are given on the basis of a student being gifted in either their musical or drama abilities. Students that are awarded these scholarships are expected to showcase their abilities throughout the school, including in external competitions, school assemblies and school productions.


Scholarships available 2017-2018

Type Percentage of school fees


Golf (Year 2 – Year 13) 25%, 50%, 75% + 100%
 Basketball (Year 7 – Year 13) 25% + 50%
 Swimming (Year 2 – Year 13) 25% + 50%
 Football (Year 2 – Year 13) 25% + 50%

Overall Academic Excellence

Primary (Year 2 – Year 6) 25% + 50%
Secondary KS3 (Year 7 – Year 9) 25% + 50%
Year 10 IGCSE 50% + 75%
Year 12/13 AS Level 50% + 75%
Year 12/13 Headmaster’s Scholarship 100%

Music and Drama

Primary Music (Year 2 – Year 6) 25%, 50% + 75%
Secondary KS3 Music (Year 7 – Year 9) 25%, 50% + 75%
Secondary KS3 Drama (Year 7 – Year 9) 25% + 50%
Secondary IGCSE Music 50%
Secondary AS/A-Level Music 50%
Secondary IGCSE Drama 50%
Secondary AS/A-Level Drama 50%

Award winners are entitled to use the name “Scholar of Bromsgrove International School Thailand” in University or College applications.

Application procedure and timeline

The scholarships application process will be carried out from in April and May during each academic year. Successful applicants will be informed by the end of May and the scholarship will take effect from Term 1 of the following academic year and each scholarship will last for one academic year.

The process will take the following form:

Start of April 2017

Scholarship applications open.

Application forms completed and submitted to the School by the parents. For applications from outside Bangkok, you may email the application including a photo and a copy of your passport or birth certificate to

End of April 2017

Closing date for applications.

May 2017

Short-listing and selection of candidates. Assessment tests conducted for the applicants.

Personal interview for short-listed candidates and their parents.

Final selection of scholars

Please note that all shortlisted external applicants will need to sit the standard Bromsgrove entrance CAT test, which is part of normal school entrance applications. This comprises:

  1. A Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR) Test
  2. Mathematics test
  3. English Test
  4. Interview with the Deputy Headmaster/Headmaster

General Scholarship Conditions

If the scholar fails to meet the required expectations of the scholarship award or noticeably fails to keep up with the level of his or her capability, the scholarship may be withdrawn.

Each scholar is expected to be a role model for their peers and must demonstrate a high level of commitment to their studies. At least one formal warning in writing will be given to the student and the parents prior to the withdrawal of the scholarship.

In addition, any late payment of school fees will result in the immediate withdrawal of the scholarship.