Extra Curricular

ECA vision

BIST prides itself on its comprehensive extra-curricular activity programme, consisting of over 40 activities across the school. Activities range from academic subjects such as English, Maths and ICT to sporting activities such as basketball, T Ball, tennis, Golf and football. Other activities include music, choir, taekwondo, hip hop, ballet, Chinese and Thai . The activities on offer change each term. Activities are run by a mix of our own teaching staff and outside agencies. Please note that, where a non-BIST teacher or organisation runs an extra-curricular activity, a charge will be made.

Extra-curricular activities run for ten weeks of each term and children from Reception onwards are able to attend. (Pre- Nursery and Nursery students are not allowed to participate in after school activities as it makes their school day too long) . Each term the activities on offer change and we provide an extension range of educational, sporting and fun activities. School buses operate after activities.

Activity details

All students must take part in three activities per session. Students have the opportunity to live the attributes of our Learner Profile of being determined, showing curiosity, independent, kindness, a risk taker, positive, a team player and reflective.

It must be noted that certain activities are only suitable for the senior students or primary students. If there is a school production planned for a term, cast members will be expected to sign up for that activity. It is anticipated that all musicians in the school will participate in the school orchestra and other musical groups throughout the year. Certain activities require students to participate for a specific period of time.