Meet the Team

Miss Gemma Gwilliam / Head of Lower Boarding

Telephone: 091 816 1104
Line ID: Ms Gemma
Ms Gemma is the Head of Lower School Boarding (Y2-9) and Assistant Principal of Business Development. She runs Primary Academic Development and Enrichment and is keen to help students develop into independent learners. She loves to be creative and try new things and is excited to encourage students to take part in different activities and learn new skills throughout the year!

Ms Georgina Drew / Head of Upper Boarding

Telephone: 091 816 5219
Line ID: Ms G Drew
Ms Drew is the Head of Upper School Boarding (Y10-13). She also works as an English teacher in the Secondary School so she will ask all of our boarders a million questions about what they are reading. Ms Drew will be running Y12/13 Academic Development and is keen to help you do the best in your exams. She also loves the outdoors and is excited to plan a number of weekend trips for the year.

Mr Anthony Cluver / Deputy Head of Boarding

Telephone: 091 816 1105
Line ID: Mr Cluver
Mr. Cluver is the Deputy Head of Boarding. He also works as an English teacher in the Secondary School. Mr Cluver enjoys reading and writing and will most certainly be advising and supporting students as they work at improving these important English skills. He is also keen at sports and will always encourage students to achieve their full potential through the activities that are on offer in Boarding at BIST.

Ms Natcha

Boarding Assistant Thai Liaison
Telephone: 091 816 5218
Line ID: Ms Natcha

Ms Brittany Cluver

Head of Chinese Support Programme (Boarding Chinese Liaison)
Telephone: 095 370 9207
Line ID: Mrs Cluver

Ms Jessica

Boarding Assistant Enrichment
Telephone: 095 370 9206
Line ID: Ms Jessica

Mr Thee

Boarding Assistant Wellbeing and Community
Telephone: 091 816 9980
Line ID: Mr Thee BIST

Mr Joe

Boarding Assistant
Telephone: 091 760 3104
Line ID: Mr Joe BIST

Mr Allen

Boarding Assistant
Telephone: 096 914 2573
Line ID: Mr Allen BIST