Curriculum Guide

Curriculum – Years 7-9

The subjects studied at Key Stage 3 are as follows: English, Mathematics, Science, Computing and Media, Humanities (History and Geography), Drama, Music, Art, Thai, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, PE, BEAM (Building Effective Attitudes and Mindsets).

  IGCSE Curriculum Options

Curriculum – Years 10-11

In Key Stage 4, students study for their iGCSEs/GCSEs. The core curriculum consists of English, Maths and Science, with a further four options drawn from the following list, according to the option blocks available: Art, Drama, Music, Media, PE, Computer Science, Geography, History, Travel and Tourism, Business Enterprise, Thai, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish. Students also have a weekly BEAM (Building Effective Attitudes and Mindsets) and PE lesson.

Year 11 Options

Curriculum – Years 12-13

The courses offered to our Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form) students are: English Literature, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Drama, Music, Music Technology, Digital Media, Computer Science, Geography, History, Politics, Economics, Theatre Studies and Chinese. Students also have a weekly BEAM and PE lesson.

We also offer an alternative Diploma Sixth Form pathway, enabling students to access work-related qualifications that allow entry to Higher Education Institutions both in Thailand and overseas. The subjects covered in the Diploma are: Travel and Tourism, Business, and Sport.

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