A welcome message

The Secondary phase at Bromsgrove is characterised by its vibrant learning environment which allows all students to achieve their potential.

We follow a curriculum based upon the English National Curriculum, so that our students are fully prepared for the external exams in Key Stage Four and Five. We ensure that we embody the best elements of this curriculum, whilst tailoring it to fit the needs of our students and their learning needs. The curriculum we offer has depth, rigour and promotes the values that we espouse as a school in our Learner Profile: determination, curiosity, independence, risk-taking, kindness, the ability to work in a team, positivity and a reflective nature. As students progress through our community the curriculum adapts and reflects the differing needs of the developing individual with a true personalisation of their learning experiences. Naturally, the curriculum we offer is much more than just academic subjects. The whole “Bromsgrove Experience” encompasses many other elements that contribute to the development of confident, happy young achievers.

In Key Stage Three, learning and teaching focuses on inquiry-based learning, using the flipped classroom when appropriate. Although each subject is timetabled discretely, opportunities for cross curricular links are sought out and exploited so that students are able to maximise their transferable skills and gain the most from their education.

In Key Stage Four, students study for their iGCSEs/GCSEs. The core curriculum consists of English, Maths and Science, with a further four options drawn from a variety of disciplines. 

In Key Stage Five, students study for their A Levels or Diploma courses, choosing four choices from the wide selection on offer, according to the option blocks available. Students will typically need to have attained a minimum of an B grade at iGCSE/GCSE level before embarking upon the A Level course.

We welcome visits from parents so that they can discover the innovation and creativity that takes place everyday here at Windsor Park.