At BIST, we value, grow, and celebrate the following attributes, in our development of outstanding learners and successful global citizens:


    • You are DETERMINED
      You are motivated to achieve your goals, and resilient when things get in your way, showing the grit to overcome obstacles.


    • You demonstrate CURIOSITY
      You are an inquisitive learner, always asking the most challenging questions and eager to solve the most important problems.


    • You are INDEPENDENT
      You are a resourceful learner, able to make your own decisions and confident enough to act on your own initiative.


    • You demonstrate KINDNESS
      You are always ready to offer warmth and friendship, making a positive difference to the lives of others and spreading a smile.


    • You are a RISK-TAKER
      You are a divergent and creative thinker, eager to do things differently, and brave enough to take the road less travelled.


    • You demonstrate POSITIVITY
      You are optimistic and full of hope, open to different ideas and beliefs and a positive influence on the world around you.


    • You are a TEAM-PLAYER
      You work well with others, helping to build effective teams and showing excellent communication skills.


    • You are REFLECTIVE
      You think carefully about your own learning, appreciating your own strengths and understanding how to improve and develop.