Head of Sixth Form Welcome

I am extremely proud to welcome you to the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13); an area of the school where students develop their independence, explore their aspirations and strive for success.

Academics are a key part in a Sixth Form students’ life. Students can choose from a diverse range of A-level and BTEC courses at Bromsgrove, ensuring that a variety of attractive learning pathways are available to them beyond school. It is an exciting time for students, who can begin to develop and hone their skills in the subjects that they are truly passionate about.

Life in the Sixth Form is unique when compared to the rest of the school. We want every student to embrace a wide range of opportunities so that they can take advantage of the full ‘Bromsgrove Experience’. Student Leadership is an important part of this, and we encourage our students to develop themselves through the Sixth Form Council, service projects, debating, public speaking and many more exciting opportunities.

Our students have careful guidance regarding future university options throughout the two years, leading to admissions into some of the top universities and institutions across the globe.

Please do come and visit and see for yourself our thriving Sixth Form community.

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Sixth Form
Sixth Form
Sixth Form

Welcome to The Sixth Form at Bromsgrove International School, Thailand.

Here at Bromsgrove we recognise that the Sixth Form is a time for students to develop a broad range of skills, grow and become independent, as well as excel in the subjects that they are passionate about. In the Sixth Form students reduce the number of subjects that they study, and so it is vitally important that subjects are chosen based on ability as well as passions and interests.

We actively encourage our sixth form students to be independent (one of the Bromsgrove Learner Profile traits) and this can be seen clearly in our Sixth Form common room. Here there is space for our students to work independently, in small groups or in larger study groups. Students will also develop their independence further by ‘dressing for success’ as sixth form students are expected to dress in formal business attire.

Throughout Year 12 and 13 students will be carefully guided by their form tutors, the academic team and the Head of Sixth Form. Over the course of the two years they will be exposed to a wide range of guest speakers ranging from university representatives, entrepreneurs and alumni aimed at broadening their mindset and enriching their school life.

As well as developing independence students are also actively encouraged to take on leadership roles; by dedicating themselves to the service of others they learn about themselves and develop important traits such as resilience. Our senior students can apply for prestigious student leadership roles within Sixth Form Council; such as Head Boy and Head Girl. These opportunities allow our sixth form students to contribute to the wider community as Global Citizens, as well as supporting them to develop essential skills for university and beyond.