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How boarding school faculty can support your child’s success

February 6, 2024

If boarding school is something you’re considering for your child but aren’t yet familiar with, it can require extensive amounts of research. You are sure to have confronted people with various opinions for or against. However, many who haven’t witnessed first-hand the tremendous benefits of boarding school are usually quick to criticise. Today, we would […]

The Role of Technology in British International Schools

February 6, 2024

Since the pandemic, we have seen worldwide adaption to the use of technology that we may not have envisioned before. Although some may not agree with using so much, there is an overall consensus that these advancements enhance the way we live, work, and teach. Today, we want to discuss the role of technology in […]

Boarding School Experience: Myths vs. Reality

February 6, 2024

Boarding schools have long been subject to curiosity, which can often lead to myths and rumours. Today, we want to unveil the truth about boarding schools, dispel misconceptions, and acknowledge and embrace the positives. We want to provide a comprehensive exploration that aims to debunk many common myths that many still believe. Hopefully, we can […]

BIST Boarding Finalist BSA Awards 2023

May 1, 2023

Congratulations to Bromsgrove International School Thailand and our Boarding team selected as finalists of the BSA Supporting Excellence Awards 2023 in the Boarding House Extension or Refurbishment Award category. The final result will be announced at the BSA Annual Conference hosted by the Boarding Schools’ Association later in May.

Adjusting to Life at a Bangkok Boarding School

April 25, 2023

The thought of boarding school can certainly be a little anxiety-inducing. The fear of missing your loved ones is genuine whether you’re a student or a parent. At BIST, we are very aware of concerns that one might have when considering or joining a boarding school. Thankfully, we also know a thing or two about […]

Happy Songkran at Windsor Park campus

April 12, 2023

On Wednesday 5 April at Windsor Park campus, students, parents teachers and staff celebrated the #Songkran festival as part of our Thai cultural learning. We started the day with giving food and offerings to monks, followed by various activities including a pagoda decorating competition, a mini concert performed by Secondary students, Thai traditional games and […]

BIST 20th Anniversary Gala Concert

November 22, 2022

On Friday 18th November, Bromsgrove International School Thailand (BIST) celebrated its 20th year anniversary by holding a Gala Concert at the Oriental Siam Performing Arts Centre, on our Windsor Park campus. We were delighted to welcome BIST shareholders, governors, staff, parents, guests and representatives from our sister school, Bromsgrove School UK. The concert featured music […]

Class of 2022 University Offers

July 11, 2022

Congratulations to our Class of 2022 for receiving such a wide range of university offers from top universities around the globe. The subjects range from Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacology, Data Sciences, Anthropology to Animation. Well done Class of 2022!  

Bromsgrove Learn & Play Day at Moori Moori Playfarm

June 29, 2022

Bromsgrove Learn & Play Day took place on Saturday 25th June at Moori Moori Playfarm with more than 150 families joining. The event aimed to promote outdoor play as a post-pandemic priority to children. It was also a great opportunity to introduce our school to the community to many prospective families. Children enjoyed fun and […]