How boarding school faculty can support your child’s success

February 6, 2024

If boarding school is something you’re considering for your child but aren’t yet familiar with, it can require extensive amounts of research. You are sure to have confronted people with various opinions for or against. However, many who haven’t witnessed first-hand the tremendous benefits of boarding school are usually quick to criticise. Today, we would like to discuss a significant factor of boarding school that makes it extraordinarily beneficial for a child’s growth, development, and academic success. That is, of course, it’s highly qualified and experienced faculty who work around the clock to give students the best experience possible.

So, what do boarding school faculty do to give children the best start in life?

Being a parent means juggling a tremendous number of responsibilities. Unfortunately, finding the balance between working and having the time to give a child the support they need can be difficult. Of course, if we could, we would all devote our time to providing children with everything their development requires, but it is certainly easier said than done. Here are a few things boarding school faculty can do to support you and your children when life is simply too busy.

Supporting students with schoolwork and revision – Boarding school students are provided with the best possible support with their schoolwork. Having qualified teachers devote their time to helping, homework, revision, and coursework are completed and understood with ease. This is one area where most working parents struggle as we can’t work full-time and be an expert on everything else, so boarding school is definitely the best way to boost academic achievement.

Playing the role of a mentor – Being a mentor for a child means far more than helping with homework. Boarding school faculty are experienced in supporting children in a vast number of ways. If a student is having trouble with ECAs, sports, hobbies, or goal setting, the faculty will know how to motivate and help them improve. Thankfully, the versatility of the faculty in a boarding school means that they will always have mentors who can help them in any area they are struggling in. Having constant mentors is especially important when students approach exams or prepare to apply for university.


Ensuring the development of healthy habits and routines – One fantastic quality that boarding school teaches children is how to live a balanced lifestyle. The faculty are there to guide them in eating healthily at the correct time, knowing when to study, and helping them find enough balance to rest well and find time for exercise and hobbies. As boarding school faculty are always there to support your children, they have the time to ensure each child lives the healthiest and happiest life possible.

Providing social and emotional support – When children are growing, they require a massive amount of support to help them deal with any social and emotional struggles that come their way. Unfortunately, these struggles can increase when children go to a boarding environment for the first time. However, that doesn’t mean you should worry. As well as trained teachers (who are more than capable of helping), boarding school provides qualified counselling and multiple safe spaces to anyone who needs it. This means that settling in and feeling happy doesn’t take long. 

Making sure your child thrives in a safe environment – A big concern for parents considering boarding school is the safety of their child. This is why every faculty member is equipped to deal with any emergency that comes their way. There are also qualified nurses on standby should anyone require medical assistance. Creating a safe environment also goes far beyond physical dangers. Faculty will always keep a close eye and have the experience to identify problems, no matter how subtle they might be. Safety and well-being are of the utmost concern to boarding school faculty, so they strive to create an environment where everyone can relax.

Further reading

Suppose you are considering boarding school for your child but are still a little unsure. Please stop by for a chat or get in touch. We understand how unsettling it might feel initially, but after a chat, you might feel much more at ease. At Bromsgrove International, we are devoted to providing the perfect environment for children to live a healthy and happy life while excelling towards a bright academic future. 

Although the idea of boarding school can seem scary, it is often a far better environment for most children. It is the only place that will truly prepare them for life beyond school, and you can rest assured they will leave with fantastic social skills to go with it. Allowing children to feel freedom and responsibility while providing a social, structured, caring and supportive environment is the perfect start to life.