School Improvement Plan 2018/2022

As a school we strive for continuous improvement and development for the benefit of all members of our school community. The current 4-year School Improvement Plan (SIP) lays out the 6 main areas that we will focus on over the coming academic years. The current plan was formulated through consultation with our students, staff, parents and investors and Board of Governor members and we will work together to achieve these aims.

BIST: ‘Achieving Excellence Together’
School Improvement Plan 2018-2022

Focus 1 – EDT Accreditation

Fully engage with the Education Development Trust (EDT) International Schools Quality Mark (ISQM) inspection process and to make continuous improvement towards a Gold standard.

Focus 2 – Infrastructure and Facilities

  1. Ensure the learning environment is fit for purpose.
  2. Enhance and upgrade the learning environment.
  3. To develop and reconfigure a world class sixth form area.
  4. Develop the outdoor learning facilities.
  5. Refurbish and remodel the sports facilities.
  6. To continue to enhance the performing arts facilities and resources.
  7. To renovate and upgrade the current boarding facilities to ensure a high quality of provision for all.
  8. To reconfigure where needed the current boarding houses to maximise capacity and to strategically plan for further building projects.

Focus 3 – Learning, Teaching and Progress

  1. A stronger focus on English language acquisition across the whole school.
  2. To continue to embed the Bromsgrove Learner Profile Attributes to prepare students for the future.
  3. To ensure all individual educational needs are met across the school through our AEN / SEND provision.
  4. Relevant student data is collected and analysed effectively to ensure student progress and further inform curriculum development.
  5. To ensure teachers and staff are continually developed professionally and personally in order to enhance student experience.
  6. Embed technology for learning across all phases of the school.
  7. To develop a STEAM focused curriculum across all phases of the school.

Focus 4 – Wellbeing

  1. Healthy lifestyle
    • To promote healthy eating across both campuses
    • To promote a healthy work-life / study-life balance for all
    • To promote both physical and mental exercise to enhance wellbeing
  2. Mental health
    • To embed robust counselling, support and guidance for students across the school
    • Proactive school counselling, active in all phases of the school (focused on prevention over detection)
  3. Social media usage
    • To educate all members of the school community regarding the usage and engagement with social media.
  4. Safeguarding and Child Protection
    • Ensuring clear processes and procedures are in place to meet safeguarding and child protection needs across the school.

Focus 5 – Boarding Provision

  1. To further enhance the pastoral and enrichment opportunities for all boarding students outside of school hours.
  2. To further develop the liaison and communication between the day school and boarding school.
  3. To continue to develop the parent school relationships within the boarding houses.

Focus 6 – Parent and Community Engagement

  1. To put into place a home school agreement to ensure joint accountability for students.
  2. To utilise the expertise and connections of our parent community.
  3. Further develop the charity connections and support.
  4. To continue to develop community and service elements of our residential trips programme.