Academic Development

Academic Provision

This year in Boarding, one of our key targets is to continue to develop the academic provision for our boarders.

Today, we are proud to announce that we now offer two streams of academic provision to all of our Boarding students: “Outstanding Academic Provision” and “Additional Programmes for Further Enrichment”.

Outstanding Academic Provision

Primary students receive an hour of Academic Development and an hour of Enrichment Monday to Thursday each week. During Academic Development, they work with a member of the Academic Team and a member of the Boarding Team to complete their work. They practise their spellings and complete their ELOs with the help and guidance of the staff around them. On Mondays the Primary students are supported with their reading by having a 1:1 session with Ms Meacham, the Head of English. The Enrichment programme is then designed to extend their thinking, provide them with different skills and develop their talents through themed activities of arts and crafts, sports, ICT and performing arts. Each Enrichment activity is led by one of our dedicated Boarding Assistants and a member of the Academic Team.

Secondary students receive an hour and fifteen minutes of Academic Development Monday to Thursday, in which all students (from Years 7 to 11) read for fifteen minutes, before spending an hour on their ELOs and ILTs. The groups alternate between using the library or a classroom meaning that they have access to ICT equipment and academic resources throughout their evening studies.

For our Sixth Form students, they have an especially designed study room which they can use throughout the evening from 15:30 to 21:00. At the same time as the rest of the boarders, the Sixth Form students study with Ms Drew (Head of Upper Boarding and experienced Secondary English, RE and Philosophy teacher) and are supported in their subjects as well as receiving advice and guidance on personal statements, university applications and higher level essay writing skills.

“Additional Programmes for Further Enrichment: Provision that goes above and beyond”

As well as our outstanding academic provision, in the evening we are now able to offer academic support and provision which goes above and beyond.

This year, we are fortunate enough to have a resident Academic Tutor who lives on site twice a week. Ms Meacham, who is also the Head of English, provides academic tutoring and support that focuses on English/Literacy based subjects and essay writing skills: all of which are beneficial to our KS4 and KS5 students.