Enrichment, Rest and Relaxation and Thursday Team Time

Hello I am Ms Cece and I am the Boarding Assistant who is in charge of the enrichment aspects of Boarding: providing students with a range of activities and opportunities to enrich their lives. One of my tasks is to help the House Prefects in planning and organising Thursday Team Time activities.

There are many activities for students to take part in during their Rest and Relaxation (R and R) time. From yoga, board games and daily use of the Sports Hall, to arts and crafts, STEM Club and lounges that have been specifically designed to cater for the needs of all of our students from Year 4 to Sixth Form.

Thursday Team Time is held every Thursday from 18:45 to 20:00 during which Boarding students from Primary to Year 11 participate in various sports, games and activities. These include:

  • Sports: Basketball, Football, Badminton, Volleyball
  • Team Games: Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, Scavenger Hunt, Charades
  • Arts and Music: Boarding’s Got Talent, Trashion Show, Lip Sync Competition, Dance Contests.

These activities provide students opportunities to work with their peers from different ages and across both houses, creating a real team spirit and a sense of belonging. Each activity and event is designed to help boarders: develop their physical skills and abilities; improve their communication skills in English; learn key cooperative and teamwork skills such as planning, management, leadership and peer support. With any of the competitions and events, house points are awarded to Edwards, Walters or Taylor which provides a further layer to our house system within the day school.

At BIST we pride ourselves on the range of activities available for students and how each of these contribute to the community spirit we foster in Boarding at BIST.

Cecily Jamero
Boarding Assistant for Enrichment