Early Years

English is the medium of teaching at Bromsgrove, despite a high percentage of our students having English as an Additional Language (EAL) . We believe that all students have a right to access the curriculum, which is why we base our EAL provision on a model of Sheltered Immersion. Students on the EAL programme are well-supported at BIST and it is the objective of the EAL department to improve proficiency in English to a suitable enough level to be able to access the curriculum independently.

Children who enter the school during the Foundation stage at our Early Years campus can learn English sufficiently enough to cope with the demands of a Key Stage One classroom. However, children arriving in higher year groups often need additional support in English. For students in Year One and Two we offer an EAL programme for those whose English language skills are emerging and developing. Our aim is to ensure that their level of English is proficient enough to cope with the demands of the Year 3 curriculum in the Primary School.


Tier 1 – General EAL support

As part of our access to learning the EAL team work with children to bridge their English understanding in school. This involves withdrawing the children from class to focus on three areas: phonics, grammar and pre-teaching or repeating vocabulary/going over classwork done in class. Alongside this our EAL teachers go into classrooms to support EAL students with their learning in class.

Tier 2 – Intensive EAL

For those children who are in the early stages of acquiring the English language, they require additional support to help make faster progress in learning English so they can begin to access the classroom teaching and learning. This programme uses an Intensive English programme and is bespoke to a child or group of children depending on need. The programme may include:

  • Daily conversational English session.
  • Withdrawal in small groups to work on speaking, listening, reading and writing of the English language using the Intensive EAL programme.
  • Some in-class support for specific areas of the curriculum to further support and aid understanding.

NB As Tier 2 is a bespoke service it may include any combination of the above.

For new students the initial tests and interview will identify if EAL is required and what level. For existing children, there is an initial assessment at the beginning of the new academic year by the EAL team, and class teachers. This will identify which children will join the Tier 1 EAL programme.

Either at the Admissions stage or following these assessments some children will be identified as needing Tier 2 EAL to provide further support. These children receive both Tier 1 and Tier 2 support.


The Secondary EAL provision

Intensive English

This is for Years 7-9 students who require support above and beyond the standard EAL programmes. Students are withdrawn from English, Science and Humanities lessons for specific English Language lessons. Students must still have a basic level of English to access this programme – it is not a ‘from scratch’ programme.

Key Stage 3 EAP

This is for students in Years 7-9 who require additional English language support to access the curriculum. They are withdrawn from Humanities lessons, but apart from this follow the standard curriculum.

Key Stage 4 EAP

This is for students in Years 10 and 11 who are following a modified GCSE pathway. EAP is one of their option choices. Students study this with the EAL team who work together with the English faculty to prepare students for the English Second Language iGCSE amongst other items.


ICS stands for in-class support. This is when EAL teachers provide in-class support to students whose first language is not English. The EAL teachers may co-teach or work with students in small groups. This is for students whose English is of a good level, but may need a small amount of additional support, but they do not warrant being withdrawn from mainstream lessons.