Boarding Prefects and Student Leadership

Message from the Boarding Prefects


Hello, my name is Philip and I come from China FuJian, I am the head of Paddington, I have been in Windsor house for 2 years. If you are confused about something, you are welcome to ask me, I will do my best to help you. 



Hi, my name is Alen and I come from China. I have been in this school for 2 years, and I had many experiences which I would like to share with our new students, especially boarders. This year I am head of Kensington family, and we’ve worked together very well and I believe we can create more interesting things. I am always happy to help our new students with their problems and talk to them.



Hello everybody. My name is Cathy and I am one of the parents of the Prada Family. I like swimming and reading. I am interested in personal growth and minimalism. I hope we all become better ourselves.  I am from China and have been boarding for 3 years.



Hi, I am Paulina and I come from Mexico. Over the last year I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in boarding and its community. This year I am the head of the Versace family and I have loved working with my family in the activities created by our wonderful staff. Without them boarding would not be the same.



Hi! My name is Nen, I’m from Thailand. This year I’m working as family perfect, my role is to support the younger children in the particular subject such as Art. I can help you improve drawing skills or sculpture things. You can ask me for any help with your Art.



Hiya! My name is Tawfiq and I’m from Bangladesh and England. I’m a year 13 student and have been a boarder since I moved here in 2016. I love music, maths, and history and am happy to help anyone in any way I can. It is important to feel comfortable and welcome in boarding and as a boarding prefect it is my job to do so!



Hi, My name is Nelly and I come from Czech Republic. I’ve only been in boarding for a year but I try to help out in the house wherever possible. This year I’m the head of the Chanel family and have had so much fun with my family during family nights as well as all of the games. I also try and offer support to any of the boarders wherever I can or talk to them if they need it. 



Hello! My name is Pim and I come from Thailand. I’ve been in boarding for a year and I absolutely love it! There are so many activities to do and I especially enjoy kahoot and Thursday team time. This year I am very happy to be taken the role of the Head of Dior family, this gives me great bonding time with other members of the house. This also helps with my socialising skills, which is very vital for a global citizen. 



Hi! My name Nick and this is my 4th year in Boarding and I’m very eager to share my experience with the younger students! As well as making their boarding lives more enjoyable!



Hey! My name is Matthew I’m half Thai half Canadian. I’m currently in year 13 and have been in boarding for almost 3 years. I can definitely show you the ins and outs of boarding and will always be happy to help. I love drama, so you’ll always see me on stage! If you need any help and guidance for drama IGCSE, A Level Theatre Studies or for production I’ll gladly help you to the best of my abilities.  



Hello! My name is Anastasiia and I come from Russia. Although I’ve only been in boarding for a year, I hope I can support and help other boarders with any problems they might face, especially if they are new boarders.



Hello! My name is Gaia, I have been in boarding for a year now and I aim to make as many peers feel comfortable and at home as possible by helping out and forming close bonds with others in the boarding house. I am also the Head Girl.



Hi! My name is Hocky and I have been in BIST boarding for 3 years now. I am always keen to help and I know the system very well. I can work with younger groups finely or even advise people & teach them in some skills such as table tennis, badminton, and etc. I know 3 languages (Chinese, English, Thai) so I can help in your language difficulties.  If you need anything, you can ask me. As long as I am able to help you, I will help.



Hiya kids! I’m Ben, It has been less than a year since I first joined the boarding family. I did not find any difficulties fitting in boarding and that is solely because you guys are extremely welcoming and warm hearted. Feel free to talk or come up to me for anything that you need help with and hopefully I will be able to help you! I’m very friendly I look forward to spending my remaining time with you guys.



Hello! My name is Yeonwoo I have been in boarding for a year and a half now. I feel that i have fit in very quickly in boarding and I am able to help you with any of your studies or any problems you may be facing. I would like to say i am pretty approachable and friendly so ask me any questions if you have any!