Boarding Prefects and Student Leadership

Message from the Boarding Prefects

Windsor House


Hey guys, I’m ecstatic to be your new Head Boy for Windsor house! I’ve only been boarding for a year, since the beginning of Y12 in 2021, but I’ve seen the boarding community regrow and redevelop after an extended absence due to Covid. As an acting prefect I want to continue this trend and further grow the close-knit community we have; whilst simultaneously implementing new ideas directly from the boarders.



Hey guys! I am Theon from Y13 and Deputy Head Boy of Windsor. I’ve been boarding for some time now but the aims I would like to achieve are very clear. My goals and aims as Deputy Head Boy would be to have a role in helping out to make a better community in boarding and helping out the younger years in any way I can.



Hello guys, I am Adam and I am currently in Year 13. I have been a boarder for a year, so I understand the challenges of being a boarder. I am grateful and honoured for the opportunity to help everyone improve academically and as a person. If anyone needs help, don’t hesitate to just come up to me and ask.



I’ve only been a full boarder for a year and can already see the positive impact it has on my life. I have matured as a person while spending my time here, at BIST boarding. Now, as a boarding prefect, I’m grateful that I have been given the opportunity to help others improve their academic results, while also promoting a healthy balance between academic and social life.



Greetings everyone, I’m Puri from Year 12. I am very happy to be your boarding prefect. I’ve been boarder for about 5 years, both full and weekly boarder and so I can relate about the difficulties and challenges you guys have to face to some degree. My role here is to help you guys in all matters so if you have any difficulties about anything or even if you just want someone to talk to you can always come up to me.



Hi everyone! my name is Connor from Y12, I’m so glad to become your boarding prefect this year. I have lived in boarding since I was Y9, have a lot experience of boarding’s life and I can provide the help that boarding students need,so no matter in life or study, if you get in to any difficulties or trouble, I’m happy that you can come to ask for help or have a chat with me.



Hello boarders of Windsor and Tudor house, my name is Yujin and I am greatly pleased to work as your prefect this year! I am willing to provide my service to anyone in need of help. If you’re feeling sad or confused in any way, please do not hesitate to ask for support. I’m always here to improve your life.

Tudor House


Hello, I’m Maimai and I’m currently in year 13. I’ve lived in boarding since year 8. I’m very honoured to be part of this beautiful community and I’m now the Head of House. I would like to try and help everyone with their problems as much as possible, it can be both school related and not school related. I speak both Thai and English so feel free to come and talk to me anytime



Hello everyone, My name is Pimmy. I’m currently in year 13. It is such a fantastic opportunity to run the role of Head of Family for Tudor house. I hope I can work with all members of the house and support everyone as much as I can. I can help art students with their art work and if anyone else needs my help they are welcome too.



Hello people! I am Julia in Year 13. I am thrilled to be the Deputy Head of House despite being in this community for just a year. It would be my pleasure to be able to communicate with all of the boarders and I would like to be able to help with any difficulties that anyone may have



Greetings to everyone, I am Sunny from year 12. I am thankful to serve as a boarding prefect this year, representing the Tudor House. Even though it is my first year at this school, I will try my hardest to effectively support everyone and aid anyone with their difficulties. I hope to create an inclusive environment so if anyone is lost or confused, feel free to talk to me!



Hello everyone, my name is Maria from year 12 and I’m honoured to be your house prefect this year. This is my first year in Bromsgrove, and I have to admit that it was hard for me to adjust at first, especially that it is my first time boarding. However, I met a lot of people here who helped me. I wish to become one of those people for you, and we can walk through that journey together.



Hey there, just remember, no matter what happens I am always here to help you. I know what it is to open and share your heart to others. Together we can do everything, and become the best students in this school! Let’s show everyone why we are the best team in BIST!



Hello everyone, I’m Jeanie and I’m in year 12. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to represent Tudor House and the school as a house prefect. I deeply hope to enrich my understanding of other peers and this tight knit community, as well as assisting the younger students with whatever hardships they may encounter. Feel free to talk to me if you see me around campus. Catch you guys around!