Boarding Prefects

Welcome from the Boarding Head Girl and Head Boy

Greetings! Living in Boarding has given us the opportunity to develop a myriad of skills, such as socialising, being independent and learning to live and work within a community of diverse individuals. Living in such a community encourages us to seek solutions together when faced with shared challenges. As prefects, we aim to create a supportive environment within boarding wherein students can communicate and collaborate. We believe that international boarding provides excellent preparation for tertiary study, and life in the world beyond the classroom.


Xindy and Kyumin


Message from the Boarding Prefects


Back Row (left to right) : Anthony, Ivan, Victor, Abraham, Thomas, Kyumin, Pond, Tawfiq Front Row (left to right) : Eunseol, Krissy, Xindy, Best, Issa, Nancy


Hello! My name is Xindy and I’ll be working as the Head Girl for BIST’s boarding community. I’ve been a boarder for about two years now, and have seen changes and progress that I plan to further with my role here. It’s been a pleasure being a part of this community, so I look forward to working with the staff – alongside other prefects – this year.



My name is Kyumin, I’m from South Korea, and this year I have the role as Head Boy for Boarding. I’m excited about doing my job to ensure students’ safety and happiness in Boarding.



My name is Eunseol and this year I will be responsible for the 2nd floor in Tudor House. As I am new to Boarding, I will take this as an opportunity to get more comfortable as a Boarder and to help others around the house.



My name is Victor. I from South Korea This year I will be supporting my friends in boarding by being a boarding prefect. I’m very excited about being on the boarding prefect team.



Hi, my name is Abraham, and I am a new boarding primary prefect in Windsor House this year. I am very excited to take this job, and I will try my best to make everyone feel this place is like their home.



Hi! my name is Best. This is my first time in boarding. I decided to help the school boarding house by joining the boarding prefects. I think it would help the staff in boarding and I can also help the younger students too because I am of a similar age to them. So I would understand them more and it would be easier for them to communicate with me. I’m also Thai so it would help the primary students that have little English vocabulary to communicate with me.



Hello! My name is Issa, and I have been given the responsibility of being boarding prefect this year. I am looking forward to developing close friendships with the other boarding members as well as being trusted with this opportunity.



Hello, my name is Krissy. I am very excited to be a boarding prefect this year and am looking forward to help maintain a happy and safe environment for the boarding girls.



Hi my name is Thomas. I am responsible for the 2nd floor as a boarding prefect this year. I will work hard to help others to follow the rules in boarding and  create a very enthusiastic and safe boarding environment.



Hello! My name is Tawfiq Morshed. I’m in Year 11 and am a Primary Prefect for Windsor House. I look forward to helping the primary children because they always need more role models.



Hello my name is Nancy. I am Belgian/Thai and I have been at Bromsgrove for two years. I was a primary prefect in the previous year and I enjoyed every bit of it. I am also proud to say that this year I am again a primary prefect and my goal is to make the primary kids feel comfortable. I look forward to this year and working with the young kids.



Hello, my name is Ivan. I am originally from Russia and this is my first year at Bromsgrove. I am looking forward to helping the students at boarding.



Hello! My name is Pond and I’m from Thailand. This year I’m working as a floor prefect which I think is a good opportunity for me to play my part in helping the Bromsgrove community.


House Captains


Hello! My name is Nick and I’m from the UK and Italy. This year in boarding I am the Mega House Captain – which is the name my fellow students have given me! My role in boarding is to help organise fun, educational activities for our Thursday Team Time events. This could involve sports or even arts and crafts for our younger students. I have a lot of experience in coaching and organising events and I hope everyone in Boarding will enjoy the team times we will put together.



Hello, my name is Tawfiq Morshed and I am from England and Bangladesh. I joined Bromsgrove International School Thailand at the start of Year 10 in 2016. I am the House Captain for Edwards in Boarding and am always happy to help anyone who needs it.



My name is Hugo and I am from Thailand and I am the Assistant House Captain for Edwards. I like to do my job because I like to do activities with everyone. I enjoy watching people having fun in the activities. By becoming the Assistant House Captain for Edwards, I am hopeful that I can not only support my peers, but I can learn new skills to improve myself



My name is Timotej Kovacka and I am a Year 12 student who is from Slovakia. Many of you might have seen me around the school and in Boarding. I have been selected to represent Taylor House for Bromsgrove Boarding this year as House Captain. I like to describe myself as a problem-solver, so if there is a problem you have, let me help you!



My name is Michael and I’m from Taiwan. I’m Assistant House Captain for Edwards and Secretary for the Thursday Team Time captains. I like doing what I do because I enjoy playing a role in a team and organising events. I get to talk with other members of Boarding, debate in meetings and learn from previous mistakes. I am looking forward to this year and the events and activities we have planned for the rest of the Boarding community!



Hey Guys!! I am Pond and I am from Thailand. I am the Assistant House Captain for Taylor. I am here as the Assistant House Captain because I enjoy working in a team to organise some fun and educational activities for primary students in our Boarding.



Hi, my name is Pump and I am a Year 12 student from Thailand. I am really happy to be the Assistant House Captain for Walters in Boarding, because it gives me the opportunity to meet and talk to more people during Thursday Team Time and I am able to give something back to the younger students.



Hello my name is Victor and I’m from South Korea. I’m Assistant House Captain for Taylor House. I applied for the House Captain because I wanted to be a part of the Boarding team. Also I like the job because I can talk with others and make friends with new students.



Hello, my name is Denny. I’m from South Korea and I’m in Year 12. I’m the House Captain for Walters.  As I’m working for the Walters House, I must take risks and challenge myself to do well for all students.



My name is Cathy. I’m from China and I’m in Year 11 now. I am glad to be a part of the House Leader team for Walters so that I can help everyone and make our boarding life more fun and enjoyable.