Boarding Prefects and Student Leadership

Message from the Boarding Prefects

Windsor House


Hello, I am Jim and I am honoured to be the Head of  Windsor House this year. This is the first time in all my years of studying at Bromsgrove that I have had the opportunity to become a Prefect. I will do my best to repay the support and assistance my dormitory has provided me over the years, so your help will be very important and make our cooperation enjoyable, so no matter in life or study, if you get in to any difficulties or trouble, I’m happy that you can come to ask for help or have a chat with me. Thank you.



Hi I’m Jibum , thank you for picking me as a Prefect. If you are in trouble, you can come to me directly. I’ve only been a full boarder for a year and can already see the positive impact it has on my life. I have matured as a person while spending my time here, at BIST boarding. Now, as a boarding Prefect, I’m grateful that I have been given the opportunity to help others improve their academic results, while also promoting a healthy balance between academic and social life.



I am privileged to be here now as a boarding Prefect after 2 years of supporting from the sidelines and I am ready to use all my skills and prowess that I have harnessed and fully use it to better the environment and wellbeing of everyone boarding! I can help you with anything related to maths, chemistry, physics too as I am studying these for A’level. Honestly though, I love helping people, it gives me joy in seeing people benefit from my actions, so do not be afraid to reach out to me! I will always be there for you.



Hey guys, I’m Philip and I am deeply grateful to all boarding staff and students to serve as your House Prefect. I’ve been boarding since year 8 and I learnt a lot of useful skills in this boarding community. I am prepared to share these skills with younger students. I am thankful for the opportunity to work alongside amazing students in Bromsgrove and I look forward to continuing to contribute to our wonderful community 🙂



Hi guys, I’m James. I hope everyone is doing well and playing some sports, not just studying! First of all, I appreciate everyone who offered me this great opportunity to be your Prefect and Head of the Imperial family. I will be listening to all of you in boarding when you need support or advice, I will always be there for you so please don’t feel pressured, just  come to me and talk to me even if it’s a little funny story or a random thing. Let’s continue to make meaningful memories together in this community.



Hi, I’m Namkao and I really appreciate the opportunity given to me to be your Prefect and Head of Edinburgh family. Also, I’m responsible for everyone’s well being so if you have anything on your mind, don’t be afraid to speak to me. I can also help with anything related to sports, especially Basketball. If you are afraid to talk to other members of the House Prefects, I can be the one to communicate with the other Prefects. Anyways, let’s enjoy this wonderful year together



Hello, I’m Jurmi and I am thankful to have been picked as a House Prefect. I have just started boarding but I am committed to making the House improve in any way that I can. I will be responsible for the environment in the House so if you have any questions about that, you can ask. I look forward to working together with everyone and further growing the close-knit community we have; whilst simultaneously implementing new ideas directly from the boarders.


Hello everyone, my name is Jerome and I am thrilled to be picked as a House Prefect for the Cambridge family. This may be my first year boarding but I promise that I will give it my all. I will be responsible for the devices in the Windsor House and I am prepared to take on any task needed. If you have any questions or help with anything please don’t feel afraid to ask me. I am excited to be working with all of you guys while also promoting a healthy balance between academic and social life.


Tudor House


Hi. My name is Maria and I am honoured to be your Head of Tudor House this year. I learned a lot as a Prefect last year, everybody in the House helped me either overcome some struggles or taught me a valuable life lesson. I don’t doubt that the same will happen this year, as with our new boarders coming, new doors are opening wide for me and our amazing leadership team this year. Being a Prefect or a Head of House is a great opportunity to build new connections. Therefore I plan to make the best of this year and enjoy every team time, primary bedtime and event. I hope for an amazing year for us all.



Hello guys, I’m Diana in Year 12. I’m so appreciative to be given this opportunity to work with you all. I’ve been boarding for three years and I’m so excited and ready to be a boarding Prefect. I’ll try my best to help my boarding family, to build a warm and friendly atmosphere here. I hope I can do something useful and I know I will enjoy the time we work together. I’m glad if someone wants to talk with me, I’ll be a good listener, friend and support to them.



Hi guys, I’m Anna in Year 12. I’ve been in BIST boarding for seven years now, and I am super excited to be your House Prefect this year as I can have more opportunities to talk with you and hangout with you and to get to know more of you! I can’t wait to meet all of you during activities and boarding events. I look forward to working closely with my team and the entire House to ensure a memorable and successful school year for all.



Hey everyone, I’m Rosie and I’m in Year 12 currently. I’m so excited to be your Deputy Head of House and a House Prefect this year! I’ve been boarding since Year 10 and I’ve seen friendships and the community spirit bloom and I’m hoping to see and support this trend to grow. If anyone needs someone to listen, you can always come find me or if you need either academic or musical support, I’ll try my best to help.



Hello everyone, my name is Maria from Year 12 and I’m honoured to be your house prefect this year. This is my first year in Bromsgrove, and I have to admit that it was hard for me to adjust at first, especially that it is my first time boarding. However, I met a lot of people here who helped me. I wish to become one of those people for you, and we can walk through that journey together.



Hi everyone, I’m Christine and I’m a first time boarder so this is both an exciting experience and a learning opportunity. I’m honoured to have been chosen as your House Prefect and I can’t wait to get to know the tight-knit community even more! I’m always up for anything so do come and say hi whether it’d be academic guidance or a quick chat while playing pool and everything in between. I intend to be a good role model and a friend for all year groups, especially the younger students (and trust me, I’m sure we have something in common with each other) Don’t be a stranger!



Hi guys, I’m Mel and I’ve just started Year 12 in Bromsgrove but that doesnt mean I can’t help out! I am so honoured to be your House Prefect and the Head of the Diamond family! I know I haven’t been here for that long but I am sure that if you need any help in school or outside life you are always welcome to come see me anytime. If you ever want an energy booster or a place where you can just have fun you know where to find me 🙂 Even though it is my first year at this school, I will try my hardest to effectively support everyone and aid anyone with their difficulties. I hope to create an inclusive environment so if anyone is lost or confused, feel free to talk to me!



Hello there, my name is Lily from Year 12. I am a new boarder and a new student at BIST. Even though I’m a new student, please don’t hesitate to come and ask for help, I am very grateful and honoured to be your House Prefect. My intention of being a Prefect is to get to know you guys better and strengthen relationships among people in the House. Given this opportunity, I will do my best to provide you with a memorable time. If you ever need support, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.