Student, Parent and School Agreement

As a school we value the support of parents and guardians with regards to ensuring every child under our care makes progress both academically and socially. In addition, we have high expectations of all our students and expect them to follow the various rules and policies with regard to uniform, behaviour around the school and mobile phone usage. As such, we have set out the following student, parent and school agreements shown below that we expect all members of the school community to both agree and adhere to:

Student Agreement

I will:

  1. Be polite and kind to all members of the school community.
  2. Attend school every day, unless I have a very good reason.
  3. Be punctual to school and to lessons.
  4. Follow the school’s uniform and dress code.
  5. Follow the school’s mobile phone policy and behaviour/conduct policy.
  6. Take full responsibility for my own behaviour and the consequences of my actions.
  7. Speak English at all times in lessons and around the campus, wherever possible.
  8. Carry with me all necessary equipment/kit to be ready to learn.
  9. Ask for help when needed.
  10. Choose and complete to the best of my ability a wide range of challenging homework tasks.
  11. Be a positive and enthusiastic ambassador for the school.
  12. Respect and celebrate difference and diversity and be tolerant of others’ views.
  13. Make full use of the Student Leadership Team to ensure my views about the school are heard.
  14. Aim to develop and show all the attributes of the BIST Learner Profile.

Parent Agreementy

We will:

  1. Be polite and kind to all members of the school community.
  2. Ensure our child arrives on campus fully equipped, on time and ready to learn, and maintains maximum attendance.
  3. Provide time and a quiet space for our child to complete homework tasks.
  4. Engage with and support our child’s learning by asking them about their day.
  5. Support the school and our children by attending, where possible, all PTC meetings, relevant events and relevant Parent Workshops.
  6. Make sure our child gets adequate sleep, eats a healthy diet, and gets physical exercise.
  7. Respect the professionalism of academic staff and support and follow all school policies.
  8. Be positive and enthusiastic ambassadors for the school.
  9. Not post negative messages on LINE or any other social media platform about the school, any child, teacher or parent.
  10. Attend all meetings with academic staff when requested, and correctly follow the designated lines of communication when contacting the school.
  11. Show respect for, and tolerance of, the diverse and international nature of the school.
  12. Understand, model and encourage the attributes of the BIST Learner Profile.
  13. Ensure our child follows the school’s uniform and dress code.
  14. Encourage my child to speak English wherever possible, at home and outside of school.
  15. Pay all invoices by the due date, and seek permission in advance for any delay.

School Agreement

We will:

  1. Be polite and kind to all members of the school community.
  2. Show respect and tolerance for the host culture and a diverse, global community.
  3. Monitor punctuality to school and lessons and attendance, and inform parents of any concerns.
  4. Provide all necessary specialist resources to facilitate learning.
  5. Provide a range of engaging, challenging and enjoyable homework tasks.
  6. Provide a safe, positive, and healthy learning environment for your child.
  7. Be positive and enthusiastic ambassadors for the school.
  8. Provide clear, regular and timely communication regarding your child’s achievement and progress, physical and emotional wellbeing, and all aspects of school life.
  9. Respond to all enquiries within 24 hours, and, wherever possible, meet with parents within 48 hours of any request.
  10. Issue all invoices in a timely, clear and efficient manner.
  11. Model, grow and reward all the attributes of the BIST Learner Profile.
  12. Understand and meet the individual needs of every single student, wherever possible.