Welcome to Music

Welcome to Bromsgrove Music where we ASPIRE to instill a lifelong love of music within all of our students. Music learning at Bromsgrove is…


All learners are encouraged and challenged to achieve their potential.


Learning is collaborative and with friends.


Music learning experiences are varied and high quality, with clear progression routes.


Everyone is a musician and can learn and develop at their own pace.


Learners discover a range of music that they engage and identify with.


Learning is practical, hands-on and fun!

From Reception to Year 9, all students enjoy music lessons as part of their timetabled curriculum learning, with a number of students going on to study music and music technology at GCSE and A-Level. We attract specialist music teachers from around the world to teach across our Early Years, Primary and Secondary phases of the school.

Our school mission statement underlines the fact that we aim to develop the musical potential in each and every one of our students. Through our innovative academic and co-curricular programmes, we provide an inclusive, relevant and engaging approach to the teaching and learning of music, which enables our students to “Achieve Excellence Together”.

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