Our Primary Curriculum is innovative, creative and child-led. We believe children learn best when they are motivated, curious and inspired. Based upon the English National Curriculum, our aim is for children to gain a broad understanding of the core and foundation subjects, alongside the English language skills they need for the next stages in their education. Throughout their primary education, we want our children to discover their passions and develop their independent thinking skills, allowing them to become happy, creative, moral individuals.

A literacy lesson is taught every day. In addition to this, there is a further daily session focussing on phonics, spelling, punctuation or grammar. Each class has a weekly reading lesson in the classroom and a weekly library session. Reading and additional literacy tasks are set as part of our Extended Learning Opportunities (homework).

Maths is taught daily and mental maths skills form an important part of our ELOs. Science is taught through the Creative Curriculum, as are Humanities, ICT and Art and Design. Languages (Thai, Chinese and Korean) are taught by specialist teachers, as are Music and PE. Our classrooms are well equipped; each class has an interactive whiteboard and regular access to our ICT suite and class laptops.



Each class has a Thai Teaching Assistant to support learning. Specialist EAL teachers work alongside the classroom teachers to support children with their English. The adults in the classroom use their expertise and judgement to make decisions regarding EAL support; this means that each child receives an education that is truly personalised.

Assemblies take place daily as a whole primary school or in classrooms. These are opportunities for inspiration and reflection; we sing, discuss our school values and celebrate our children’s achievements. Polio Points are a key element in our weekly assemblies; we reward those children who have demonstrated excellent learning characteristics.

Children in Year 6 have the opportunity to become Head Boy and Head Girl, in the appointment of whom all teachers and pupils have a say. Students in Year 5 and Year 6 may also take a role in the Primary School Student Voice Executive. Each of these positions is held in high esteem; they provide opportunities to demonstrate independence, responsibility and maturity.

Our wide range of extra-curricular activities draws upon the expertise of our teaching staff or are run by external professionals.  The activities range from sporting to academic to arts, reflecting the diverse talents and specialisms of our teachers.

Students are encouraged to choose a varied programme, with the opportunity to make new choices each semester. All children participate in activities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with the option of further clubs on Monday and Friday. Some activities, such as Primary Choir, take place during lunchtimes. Students have an option of choosing to learn a musical instrument or take singing classes alongside the regular curriculum programme. The instrumental programme includes violin, piano and drums.

School trips occur throughout the academic programme, including Thai culture trips and, from Year 4 upwards, overnight stays. Our Year 3 classes go camping on the school grounds.

We pride ourselves on teaching the students strong family values, and ensuring they are smartly attired, polite and considerate both inside and outside of the school. We hope that all children will leave us as motivated individuals with the skills they need for both secondary school and experiences beyond BIST, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives while enriching the lives of others.