Staff List

Academic Management Team

Dr Daniel Moore

Dr Daniel Moore
Headmaster & CEO


Mrs Alison Bedford
Head of Early Years Campus

Mr Jefferies

Mr Robert Jefferies
Head of Primary School


Mrs Rebecca Owens
Head of Secondary School


Mrs Tracey Tweddell
Head of Boarding

Early Years

All teachers are qualified and experienced teachers, coming mainly from the UK or Australia. All hold the requisite qualifications and are experienced practitioners.

Each class has at least one teaching assistant usually a Thai national. The Teaching Assistants support the class teacher in terms of activities and all speak English. The Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes each have a Nanny who assists with the day to day care and development of the children. There is an onsite qualified Nurse to deal with any medical issues.

Teaching Staff

Ms Zahrah Al-Merei
Pre-Nursery Teacher (Seals)

Ms Christine Vaughan
Pre-Nursery Teacher (Turtles)

Mrs Hollie Clarke
Nursery Teacher (Polar Bears)

Mrs Victoria McRorie
Nursery Teacher (Penguins)/EYFS Curriculum Coordinator

Ms Bethany Crawford
Reception Teacher (Whales)

Mr Alwyn Stead
Year 1 Teacher (Tigers)/Assistant Head of EY Campus

Ms Charlotte Fryer
Year 1 Teacher (Lions)

Ms Kittima Nurak (Kitty)
Teacher of Thai

Mrs Cristina Arevalo Shepherd
Librarian/Supplementary Teacher

Teaching Assistant

Ms Phakhawadee Vansoh (Nooch) 
Pre-Nursery Teaching Assistant (Seals)

Ms Tippawan Promsorn (Tippa)
Pre-Nursery Teaching Assistant (Turtles)

Ms Chananchida Rerai (Kai) 
Nursery Teaching Assistant (Polar Bears)

Ms Jeera Samermit (Ae)
Nursery Teaching Assistant (Penguins)

Ms Thunyaporn Phosoh (Areesah)
Reception Teaching Assistant (Whales)

Ms Thanya Paksupap (Mon)
Year 1 Teaching Assistant (Lions)

Ms Taniyar Prasert (Pou)
Year 1 Teaching Assistant (Tigers)

Office Staff

Ms Duangrat Ularnkul (Phoohfu)
Early Years School Manager

Ms Sinipa Khantham (Bow)
Admissions/Early Years School Office

Ms Panpaporn Likitphanitkul (Fern)
Multimedia, Marketing and Events Coordinator

Ms Piathip Korach (Nurse Pia)
School Nurse

Most teachers are employed from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and North America with the majority being British. All staff are fully qualified and most come with experience in International settings around the world. The diverse experiences of our staff enable us to provide a rich learning environment.

Whole School Academic Staff

Mr Jez Hughes
School Counsellor

Mr Mathew Heaume
Head of PE

Mrs Joanna Heaume
Teacher of PE

Mr Oliver Burton-Towell
Teacher of PE

Mr Jeremy Meddows-Taylor
Head of Performing and Creative Arts

Ms Rachel Argo
Teacher of Music and History

Mr Nicolas Curror
Teacher of Music

Ms Alice Law
Choir Director and Music Academy Teacher (Voice)

Ms Poonyaporn Preawpanich (Pang)
Music Academy Teacher (Violin and Piano)

Mr Kris Krisanalome
Music Academy Teacher (Drum Kit & Percussion)

Mr Tanakrit Tongnopnua
Music Academy Teacher (Piano and Jazz)

Mrs Duangsamon Martin (Ann)
Head of Thai

Mrs Duanghathai Nonchompu (June)
Teacher of Thai

Mrs Chanita Chatjaratsang (Nee)
Teacher of Thai

Ms Phongsri Pongamornkul (Cee)
Teacher of Thai

Ms Anyamanee Sangwanphet (Som-O)
Teacher of Thai

Ms Baoli Lin (Wendy)
Head of World Languages and Head of Mandarin Chinese

Ms Xi Peng (Xixi)
Teacher of Mandarin Chinese

Ms Nan Xia (Nan)
Teacher of Mandarin Chinese

Ms Ting Li (Leslie)
Teacher of Mandarin Chinese

Mrs Joanna Jefferies
Teacher of EAL


Whole School Teaching Assistant

Mr Attasit Idsuwan (Tak)
Sport Coach and Golf Coordinator

Ms Piyaphat Srichalalattanacharoen (Yu)
TA of Physical Education/Swimming Coach

Ms Rattana Ueamalachat (Wendy)
Lab Technician

Ms Carlene Plana
School Librarian

Ms Orathai Wiram (Nene)
School Residential Nurse

Primary Teaching Staff

Mr Jamie Flegg
Year 2 Teacher (Monkeys)

Ms Anna Hutchings
Year 2 Teacher (Elephants)/Assistant Head of Primary

Ms Carrie-Anne Smith
Year 3 Teacher (Parrots)

Ms Linda Keenan
Year 4 Teacher (Kingfishers)

Mr Connor Hardwick
Year 4 Teacher (Owls)

Ms Lauren Clarkson
Year 5 Teacher (Magpies)

Mr James Gurrie
Year 5 Teacher (Pelicans)

Mr Peter Knight
Year 6 Teacher (Eagles)

Ms Misty Bunbury
Year 6 Teacher (Hawks)

Ms Rebecca Batters
Teacher of EAL

Primary Teaching Assistant

Ms Niramon Tangtham (Nira)
Year 2 Teaching Assistant (Monkeys)

Ms Supaporn Promjan (Saow)
Year 2 Teaching Assistant (Elephants)

Ms Papitchaya Mathavabhandhu (Eye)
Year 3 Teaching Assistant (Parrots)

Ms Kanokporn Wattananan (Nok)
Year 4 Teaching Assistant (Owls)

Ms Rungarun Wongwai (Rung)
Year 4 Teaching Assistant (Kingfishers)

Ms Jessica Amante
Year 5 Teaching Assistant (Pelicans)

Ms Chanapat Intarasorn (Pook)
Year 5 Teaching Assistant (Magpies)

Ms Myrille Redoblado
Year 6 Teaching Assistant (Eagles)/Head TA

Ms Pimkamol Kuniarj (Mind)
Year 6 Teaching Assistant (Hawks)

Ms Thayida Thanachotiwan  (Anna)
SEN Coordinator

Secondary Teaching Staff

Mr Paul Joseph
Deputy Head of Secondary

Mr Andrew Williams
Head of Sixth Form/Teacher of Drama and Media

Ms Jane Adams
Head of English Faculty and EAL

Ms Isabella Hooke
Teacher of English/Head of KS4

Ms Zoe Riley
Teacher of English

Ms Catherine McDermott
Teacher of English

Mr Scott Caffery
Head of Mathematics

Mr David Morgans
Teacher of Mathematics/House Coordinator

Mr Christopher Howell 
Teacher of Mathematics

Ms Liliana-Maria Preda
Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Blade Hibbert
Teacher of Computing

Mr Philip Stythe
Head of Science

Ms Rowena Miles
Teacher of Science (General)

Ms Elise Dixon
Teacher of Physics and Maths

Ms Nicola Hardy
Teacher of Science (Biology)/Head of Key Stage 3

Dr Alistair Furze
Teacher of Science

Mr Alexander Barnes
Teacher of Science (General)

Mr Simon Lightman
Head of Humanities/Teacher of History

Mr Timothy Urwin
Teacher of Geography and Humanities

Mr Jackson Gleeson
Teacher of Drama/English

Ms Helena McGregor
Head of Art

Maria De La Paz Munoz Flores
Teacher of Spanish

Mr Niall Devitt
Teacher of Business/EAL

Mr Michael Tweddell
Teacher of EAL/in-class support

Mr Mark Sweetland
Teacher of EAL/KS3 Art

Mr Robert McRorie
Teacher of EAL

Office Staff

Senior Office Staff

Ms Duenpen Pawakranond (Mint)
School Director

Ms Kittaya Pawakranond (Kaew)
School Manager

Mr Howard Wu
Head of Marketing and Business Development

Ms Alice Law
Head of Communications

Office Staff

Ms Natsanan Byrne (Ning)
Head of Admissions

Ms Jessica Joan Watkins (Jess)
Admissions Manager

Ms Narinkorn Pulsawat (Sandy)
SIC Supervisor & WP Campus Parent Liaison

Ms Hataichanok Kannee (Pam)
SIC Administrator

Ms Chanicha Plodkrathok (Nut)
Schoolbase Administrator

Ms Plicsachad Deepracha (Nancy)
PA to Headmaster and CEO

Ms Napaporn Sirapatmetha (Ple)
Head of Finance Department

Ms Jutiporn Samana (Fuse)
Financial Service Coordinator

Ms Wantanee Eiamjitmunkhong (Nong)
Resource Manager/School shop


The boarding community at Bromsgrove is staffed by an experienced and dedicated team. This helps us to ensure a safe, supportive and consistent environment where boarders receive a balance of academic support, practical activities and free time to relax with their friends. We recognise that parents of our boarders will want to know how their sons/daughters are getting on; please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to.

Boarding Staff

Mrs Tracey Tweddell
Head of Boarding

Mrs Nicola Sullivan
Housemistress (Tudor House)/Teacher of PE

Mr Jianliang Ye (Joe)
Assistant Head of Windsor House & Chinese Liaison

Mr Allen Fernando
Boys Boarding Assistant

Mr Thanadon Thavonrat (Alex)
Boys Boarding Assistant (Thai Liaison)

Mr Ananda Sriphol (Hady)
Boys Boarding Assistant

Ms Natcha Rangboontaweewong
Girls Boarding Assistant (Thai liaison)

Ms Belle Mercado
Girls Boarding Assistant

Ms Cece Jamero
Girls Boarding Assistant

Mrs Marilyn Rodil (M)
House Matron

Ms Lauren Suter
Boarding Gap Intern

Mr Prentice Speechley
Boarding Gap Intern

Mrs Sudamon Kumnerddith (Ple)
Senior Boarding Residential Nurse

BDST Staff

Ms Eunju Kwak
Director of BDST programme

Ms Sungjin Kim
BDST Teacher of English

Mrs Soyoung Cha
BDST Teacher of Korean

Mr Han Ul Cha
BDST Teacher of Mathematics

Ms Jieun Kim
BDST Teaching Assistant (Math)