General Information

At Bromsgrove International School Bangkok Thailand, our boarding programme offers our students more than just a place to live while they are away from home; it gives them the opportunity to thrive in their work and also in their friendships. The most important aspect of our boarding programme is the care a support given to your child. We ensure that each student that boards at Bromsgrove is given the opportunity to work to the best of their ability by offering them further support, encouragement and individual care outside of school hours.

Free school bus for students from Eastern Seaboard Bangkok to Pattaya (weekly boarders only)

Boarding Update

Bromsgrove Boarding Life

What does boarding offer a student?

Boarding offers our students the chance to succeed beyond the classroom. It does this not only by encouraging each one of our students to become independent, well rounded and confident beings but also by providing them with the supportive working environment that they need in order to achieve the grades they work towards during the school day.

What do we offer?

A friendly and welcoming environment where students can feel relaxed and at home. We are proud to offer boarding facilities which are second to none. Located on a thirty-six hole golf course with stunning panoramic views our boarders are able to take advantage of all that is offered to them. Space for them to work out of school hours, football pitches, swimming facilities, sports equipment and courts are all just at a glance from their windows in Windsor and Tudor house. Our two modern and inviting boarding houses offer our boarders comfort and space to relax, work and spend time with friends

What’s good about weekly boarding?

Weekly Boarding at Bromsgrove International School
Bangkok Thailand is described as “the best of both worlds”. Our five day school week offers our students the opportunity to spend time in the week focusing and working towards success so that on a Friday afternoon, when they return home, they can spend quality time with their families. The advantage that this will give your child is that they will mature with the independence and confidence which boarding will give them and you, as the parent are able to watch them grow into adults. Weekly boarding cuts out the daily travel to and from the school allowing the students to have more time to learn and relax during the week.

What happens on a daily basis?

Our boarders live around an enjoyable and structured daily routine where they begin the day with their friends at breakfast and end the day in an environment where they feel at home. In between, they learn the skills and fundamental values which we teach here at Bromsgrove including our core subjects English and Maths and are encouraged to participate in a range of activities. Our students have the opportunity to pursue their interests and try new and exciting hobbies such as golf, swimming, orchestra and the arts. The boarding students benefit from their weekends and make the most of the exciting location which the school is set in. Just an hour from the vibrant and ever exciting city of Bangkok ,our students have the opportunity to take advantage of local, cultural and educational activities which the city has to offer.

What benefits will boarding have on my child’s school work?

One of the most valuable advantages that boarding has for your child is that even after the school bell rings for the end of the day the boarders still have the opportunity to continue their studies. Our tutorials are suited to each student so that they are able to work at the right pace appropriate to their needs. Older students are provided with independent study time with support, as needed, from our resident tutors who are on duty at various times during the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I turn to if I am unwell or unhappy?

If you are unhappy, there are many people you can talk to inside and outside of school. See the leaflet “Where do I turn?” for more information. In boarding you can talk to your friends, senior prefects, Heads of Houses, House Matron, all boarding tutors and the school nurse. The day school teachers can help during the day along with the school deputies and the Headmaster. If you have a problem please talk about it-there is always someone who is willing to listen.

If you are unwell, find a member of the boarding team or see the school nurse. There is a well equipped clinic where your needs can be met and have access to a phone if you want to call home. The clinic is in Tudor House

Will I have clean clothes to wear each day?

Laundry can be taken down every morning at 7.20am and collected before 8pm the next day. You must have all your clothes labelled with your name before you put them in to the laundry.