Oriental Siam Performing Arts Centre

Bromsgrove International School Thailand is determined to grow some of the very best music and drama provision in South East Asia, and the school has long recognised that outstanding provision depends upon an outstanding facility. In October 2013, under the generous sponsorship of Oriental Siam (1978) Co Ltd, construction began on our new Performing Arts Centre, and the building was completed in February 2015. Like Bromsgrove’s own strategic goals, so too is this fabulous building bold, daring and visionary. Designed by Civil Design Group, the 500 seat auditorium, equipped with state of the art sound and lighting technology, is amply suited to music and drama events either grand and complex or intimate and simple, and three floors of expertly designed learning spaces and practice rooms are complemented by exhibition and reception areas ideal for a wide variety of events.
The Oriental Siam Performing Arts Centre, available for educational or commercial use, is likely quickly to become the envy of schools nationwide.

Rental of this amazing facility can include the following:

(a) Rental of facility
(b) Use of Audio-visual System in Oriental Siam Auditorium (Theatre)
(c) Technical support / Other charges


4 hours /45,000 Bt 8 hours /75,000 Bt 1 hour /12,000 Bt


4 hours /10,000 Bt 8 hours /20,000 Bt

Service staff

4 hours 500 Bt / person 8 hours 1,000 Bt / person 1 hours 200 Bt / person

Dressing Room

4 hours 500 Bt 8 hours 800 Bt

VIP Room

4 hours 400 Bt 8 hours 600 Bt

Use of Audio-visual Facilities in Auditorium (Theatre)

Charges quoted are on a per day basis and are for rental of equipment only.Lecture/Seminar/Movie Show 1, 500 Bt / DAY
Concert Performance 3,000 THB/DAY

Technical Support / Other Charges

(a) AV Technician charges

It is compulsory to use the NTU-appointed Audio-Visual technicians (Minimum 2 per
event).AV Technician charges 800 THB/HR. Number of technicians to be provided will depend on the availability of AV.
technicians, and degree of complexity of the event. This shall be advised by the
NTU Shared Services, Information Technology (NSS-IT) of NTU.

(b) Maintenance and Electrical Charges

It is compulsory to use the NTU-assigned maintenance / lighting technicians
(Minimum 2 per event).

Types Of Function Rates Per Hour / Technician (Baht)
Supply Technician to carry out M&E works
between 08:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs
Supply Technician to carry out M&E works
between 18:00 hrs to 23:59 hrs
Supply Technician to carry out M&E works after
midnight (next day is week day)
Supply Technician to carry out M&E works after
midnight (next day is Sun/Holiday)