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Academic Life in the Sixth Form

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Year 12 students normally select 4 subjects. These could be A Level subjects, BTEC courses, or a mixture of both. Each subject is formally taught for 5 hours a week by specialist teachers in specialist facilities. There is an expectation that students spend a good deal of their independent study time revising notes and consolidating class work as well as engaging in independent home learning tasks.

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Sixth Form

Sixth Form Enrichment

There are a number of ways in which the students in the Sixth Form can enhance and enrich their academic studies.The breadth of their experiences at school can help to strengthen subsequent university applications. Some examples of ways in which students can develop their leadership skills include; leading an ECA activity. There are a number of ECA’s that are currently student led including the student newspaper ‘The Bromsgrovian’, the Debate Club, The Service Team and Operation Smile Club.

There are many House events across the academic year and it is always great to see the Sixth Formers participating in these wonderful activities. Every Friday our students compete in a range of House Sport activities in a friendly but competitive manner. House Debate is an annual favourite as is The Bromsgrove Lip Sync Battle which is always a calendar highlight!

If you have a particular interest in Sport then there is always an activity to participate in from the House Sport to tournaments with other schools in Bangkok. We have teams for Basketball, Football, Volleyball and Golf who represent the school and we compete in TISAC and FOBISIA events.

Academic Achievement



Student Leadership


Our Sixth Form Council leads the student body and liaises with staff to maximise the positive impact of student voice. The Sixth Form Council comprises of; The Head Boy and Head Girl, the Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl and a number of Senior Prefects. The Sixth Form Council meets weekly to discuss initiatives and carefully track the progress of their projects. There have been some exciting developments since their formation in August 2019, some of the projects have included; the implementation and development of a student mentorship programme, writing and editing a student newspaper and raising money for local charities.

All Sixth Form students are role models in the school, they are looked up to by our younger students in all aspects of school life from appearance to their conduct around the campus. Members of the Sixth Form Council perform duties, and they are expected to model the behaviours that we expect from all Bromsgrove students.

Students are also given the opportunity to apply for the role of House Captain where they will assist the Head of House in the organisation and execution of the House events across the academic year. These roles are another way in which senior students can develop leadership skills, demonstrate organisational skills, and inspire and motivate the rest of the student body to be active members of the school community.