The Role of Technology in British International Schools

February 6, 2024

Since the pandemic, we have seen worldwide adaption to the use of technology that we may not have envisioned before. Although some may not agree with using so much, there is an overall consensus that these advancements enhance the way we live, work, and teach. Today, we want to discuss the role of technology in British international schools and its benefits for teachers and learners. 

The advantages of using technology in the classroom

Of course, technology has some brilliant advantages in our day-to-day lives, but what are the benefits of using it in the classroom compared to traditional teaching methods? Let’s explore some of the many arguments put forward by advocates for technology and what we have witnessed first-hand. To those unfamiliar with modern-day classroom routines, it may be a surprising relief to see how this technology benefits our children’s growth, development, academic achievements, and sociability. 

Enhancing engagement and promoting total class participation – We now use many programs in the classroom that work wonders in getting all students involved. In a traditional classroom environment, it is common for children to stay quiet and be shy when posed with questions they might not understand. However, when using technology, we have seen classroom participation improve dramatically. Students can now engage more in the content being taught and answer questions anonymously if they are worried about getting it wrong. 

Creates the opportunity for personalised learning – Every person has a different method of learning, so traditional classroom routines can sometimes leave students struggling to understand the content. Now, when the teacher has finished talking, and it is time for classwork, the students have the option of formatting resources and lesson material and delivering their assignments in whatever way suits them. This has had a tremendous impact on students acquiring the skills and knowledge taught in lessons and being able to understand and transfer them to real-life situations and assignments. 

Provides access to endless information – Of course, the internet is endless, and there can be misinformation on certain sites. Still, as long as the teacher is monitoring where students are sourcing information, the students have a choice to read or watch additional material on any subject taught to enhance their understanding and put it into practice. 

Creates a collaborative learning space – Digital teaching platforms and live documents also enable students to work together during lessons and on projects. This technology provides a communicative space where students feel comfortable expressing and sharing their ideas with their classmates. 

Allows teachers to give constant and immediate feedback – As everything in a digital classroom is live, teachers can closely monitor a student’s work as it is being produced. This enhances the use of limited lesson time and allows teachers to give instant feedback and provide guidance if they are struggling with the material. Teachers everywhere have seen a massive improvement in learning since being able to give feedback at a rate that would have been impossible prior to this technology.  

Prepares students for the future – Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay. Using technology in the classroom gradually integrates students into the world they will be part of when they finish their education. A digital classroom acts as a cornerstone in getting them ready for university, work, and adapting to whatever the future holds.  

Efficiency and organisation – A problem that we are now able to notice about traditional methods of learning is the lack of efficiency and organisation. When a classroom has a digital space for schoolwork, it can be organised so that students can quickly look back through it and identify the sections they may need for revision or future projects. The efficiency and organisation of a digital learning space also allow teachers to effectively grade and give feedback on all the work a student produces. 

Offers multimedia resources – Whereas a traditional classroom would primarily use books for study, students now have fast access to a number of multimedia resources. This enables students to engage with lesson material in several ways, which, in turn, increases their likelihood of understanding what is being taught. Using devices also allows them to improve their focus when listening to or watching lesson materials, as they are less likely to get distracted by others in the classroom. 

Empowers both learners and educators by enabling full creativity during lessons – Lessons that use technology have no limits on the material they cover and the ways that they can be taught. Possibilities are almost endless when it comes to preparing and delivering a digital lesson. This enables teachers to have a much larger scope in lesson planning than ever before, promoting an environment that is fun, interactive, and varied. Students also get a chance to be more creatively involved when engaging and tailoring the shape of their lessons and the way that they learn. 

Are there any downsides to using tech in the classroom?

During the lesson, students’ device usage is heavily monitored so that they can fully engage with what is being taught and not get distracted by other online material. However, it is a growing concern for both teachers and parents, but as long as schools progressively adapt and grow along with the use of technology, there isn’t much to worry about. 

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