Bromsgrove Learn & Play Day at Moori Moori Playfarm

June 29, 2022

Bromsgrove Learn & Play Day took place on Saturday 25th June at Moori Moori Playfarm with more than 150 families joining. The event aimed to promote outdoor play as a post-pandemic priority to children. It was also a great opportunity to introduce our school to the community to many prospective families. Children enjoyed fun and creative outdoor play that fosters curiosity, exploration, cooperation, imagination and self-expression, sponsored by Bromsgrove International School. Activities on the day included farm animal feeding, ukulele and umbrella painting, sensory mat exploration, stacking game and a colouring-in nature activity. Thank you both BIST families and other families in the community for joining the event and spending a lovely Saturday together at Moori Moori Playfarm.