Adjusting to Life at a Bangkok Boarding School

April 25, 2023

The thought of boarding school can certainly be a little anxiety-inducing. The fear of missing your loved ones is genuine whether you’re a student or a parent. At BIST, we are very aware of concerns that one might have when considering or joining a boarding school. Thankfully, we also know a thing or two about dealing with these worries and providing the best facilities for our boarding students to thrive. Boarding school goes far beyond academic success. It is about creating the foundations a child needs to succeed across all areas of life. A well-managed and healthy routine throughout a child’s school years can work wonders in further education and beyond. We provide an all-inclusive positive environment that encourages students to focus on the things that really matter. At BIST your children will never be bored. In this article, we want to share some of the incredible facilities, dedicated staff, activities, and healthy habits you will encounter at BIST, along with some tips to adjust to life at a boarding school in Thailand.

Developing a healthy routine in and out of school

One significant benefit of boarding school that children are unlikely to receive anywhere else is the tremendously healthy routine and not having to endure the daily commute. For many parents, managing all aspects of a structured life for their children can be near impossible while still trying to work. Having highly trained, caring staff on duty 24 hours a day will work wonders in any child’s development. A boarding school provides a child with an early morning wake-up call, social and nutritious mealtimes, a world-class education, a broad selection of extracurricular activities, fitness and sports facilities, library and much more. During the weekend they will participate in cultural explorations, adventure days, community volunteering, and many recreational field-trips and activities. This balanced lifestyle encourages everyone to have an incredible social life and get involved with a multitude of both mentally and physically beneficial activities. At BIST, a child will be part of a community that prides itself on providing an environment where they can feel comfortable talking with staff and be encouraged to participate. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a ‘no electronic devices after lights-out policy’ that guarantees a good night’s sleep so that a child can make the most out of everything boarding school has to offer every day.

Nobody misses out on the fun

The individual support provided to every student who boards at Bromsgrove is fantastic and meets the British Boarding School Association (BSA) standards. The social aspects and mandatory extracurricular activities instil confidence in students as they are encouraged to socialise with all students of many nationalities throughout the school. On top of this, there is a full termly schedule of outings and activities. Activities include:

  • FOBISIA – Federation of British Schools in Asia members compete in sports, academics, and arts.
  • Pop concerts in Bangkok
  • Shopping excursions
  • Go-karting, ice skating, bowling
  • Kayaking
  • Safari parks
  • Amusement parks
  • Boarders Got Talent
  • Adventure tours
  • Museum trips
  • Team games
  • Over 40 extracurricular activities

On top of this, students also have constant access to all of the school’s world-class facilities, so they can pick and choose to focus their time doing something they love.

Facilities at Bromsgrove

BIST prides itself on providing and encouraging students to take advantage of the best facilities across the campus which are regularly updated to keep up with the ever-changing standards of today. These facilities will make sure a child is kept in the highest spirits during ‘downtime’ while boarding at BIST. The campus facilities available include a four-floor performing arts centre with a 525-seat auditorium to cater for anyone with an interest in music, dance, or theatre. We also have libraries, recreation rooms, impressive sports facilities including a gym, swimming pool, football pitch, golf course, and much more. With these facilities, there is something for every student to enjoy in their ‘downtime’.

Mental Wellbeing

Although we provide so much to lift students’ spirits during their stay at Bromsgrove School, adjusting to boarding school can still have challenges. We aren’t simply about keeping children busy or entertained; we are 100% student-centred, which means our students’ wellbeing always comes first.
We provide a safe and secure ‘home-from-home’ boarding environment, with several common room areas, so students feel comfortable confiding in our staff. We also promote a strong parent-student-teacher communicative relationship all year round to ensure the very best for every boarder.
Additionally, there are a few things that can help enhance the boarding experience. Connecting with students in the same house can be a great way to quickly feel settled and also make lifelong friends. We also have a ‘buddy system’ to ensure new boarders are ‘buddied up’ with an older student for support.
If you would like to find out more about Boarding at Bromsgrove, please contact our boarding school in Bangkok today.