A welcome message

It is my pleasure to introduce our Secondary School Curriculum to you. The details below will provide a brief insight into the subjects we teach and how we teach them. Of course the curriculum we offer is much more than just academic subjects. The whole “Bromsgrove Experience” encompasses many other elements that contribute to the development of confident, happy young achievers.

Our Curriculum is based upon the English Curriculum. We ensure that we embody the best elements of it and adapt it to fit our location and make learning relevant to the unique environment that we find ourselves in. Our curriculum offers depth, rigour, variety, quality and an internationally recognised standard of high achievement. As students progress through our community the curriculum adapts and reflects the differing needs of the developing individual. In our Key Stage booklets you can see a much more detailed account of the specific curriculum that has been designed for each Year Group. Of course we are happy to meet with you and discuss any additional questions you may have, or to give you any guidance or advice you may be seeking in relation to your child’s education.

I am always happy to meet anyone who is interested in our school and to talk about this amazing and caring place that I am honoured and proud to be a part of. Our school, though young, is as strong and vibrant as the young people within its community. In the same way those young people look for inspiration and aspiration in older people they meet, we look to our much older sister school in the UK and seek to emulate that incredible history and tradition of achievement and excellence that being part of the “Bromsgrove Way” entails.

Please read on and find out more about our school. I believe that what you read will fill you with confidence and enthusiasm and help you make that highly important decision about who educates your child and works with you as a family to create an individual that makes us proud. I look forward to welcoming you and your family on that exciting educational journey that is the ”Bromsgrove Way”