October 13, 2015

I was away from school last week, commencing my doctorate of Education in the UK, and conducting some doctoral research in one of the top international schools in Spain. I am exploring how Bromsgrove’s own ‘Mona Lisa Effect’ can be applied differently in various cultural contexts around the world. It was very exciting to be exploring at the highest possible academic level the very ideas we are developing here at BIST, and very encouraging to hear from school leaders across the world how much they admire the innovation we are able to effect here. For example, our approach to ‘homework’, about which parents at both Parent Workshops on Friday were so positive, is gradually becoming the envy of international schools around the world. I feel very proud to be able to let you know that, in so many ways, your child’s education here at BIST is, quite honestly, amongst the best they could receive anywhere on the planet.