November 4, 2015

At Bromsgrove, we are proud to value the learning of our teachers as much as we do the learning of our students. As a result, we have, this year, launched a cutting-edge, online platform through which all teachers will track their training, appraisal and professional development. With ‘BlueSky’, we have joined the world’s leading international schools in prioritising staff development, and every teacher is now able to develop and grow in response to personalised targets and an individual development plan, much like we offer to our children. In addition, this week saw the launch of the BIST ‘Aspiring Leaders’ programme, with many teachers having subscribed to join either the ‘Aspiring Middle Leaders’ course, led by Mrs Young and Ms Bennett, or the ‘Aspiring Senior Leaders’ course, led by me and Dr Moore. These courses will take place over four workshops throughout the year, and it was fantastic to be able to work with a team of such amazing, future leaders. As with BlueSky, it was also great to be able to develop our teachers in such an effective way – not only for their own benefit, but also for the benefit of all your children.