The Art and Design course is an extremely successful course, popular with students at Key Stage 3 as well as at IGCSE and A-Level.

The Key Stage 3 course is designed to give students a broad experience in art, following the English National Curriculum (ENC). The aim is to develop confidence through exploration of materials, ideas and problem-solving. Students will study the work of a variety of artists as well as working in 2 Dimensional media and 3D construction. They usually study three topics during each year (one per term) with gradual development of techniques and degrees of development and problem-solving.

The Key Stage 4 course is a two year IGCSE course following the Cambridge Board. Students again study drawing, painting, printmaking as well as having the opportunity to work in 3D or ceramics. Students will work on three different topics which vary from year to year. The IGCSE qualification is based on two units. One, of coursework, comprising preparatory studies leading to a final piece and a second consisting of preparatory studies finishing in an eight hour exam. Students choose their best project from the three to submit for coursework.

The Key Stage 5 course is also over two years following the A-Level Cambridge Examinations Board. At Key Stage 5, students will look at artist’s work in greater depth and work to develop their own personal ideas and techniques. After initial workshops, students are given themes which enable them to use their imagination and develop their own ideas. They are encouraged to stretch themselves and aim high. This involves practice and ambition. They are also encouraged to work to their strengths, to present their ideas in the strongest possible way.

We have some excellent results for Art students as well as having achieved ‘Best in Thailand’ on three occasions. In addition to this, students have reached either the semi final or final in the ROSL ‘Thailand Young Artist’s’ competition. Many of our students have gone on to study Art and Design at top British Universities.