September 30, 2013

Bromsgrove were proud to host the first Gifted and Talented event of the academic year for the Bangkok Gifted and Talented Cluster Group of International Schools. Twenty four specially selected Year 7 pupils from seven different schools attended The Computer Game Design Day.

The objectives of the day were to:
Understand some of the core principles of computer game
design Explore programming through creating and adapting computer programs Make computer games using Small Basic and Javascript To work with peers from different schools to
develop extended ideas.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and could not wait to get back to work after lunch! Even the members of staff who attended from other schools were excited to have learned something new about computer game design and computer programming during the day.

Special thanks go to Mr Golding and Mr Denton for planning and organising the events of the day and for making it such a success.

Here are some comments from the Year 7 students at the end of the day.

?Today has been a lot of fun. Firstly, I liked making the ?Street Fighter? on Scratch and learning how to make it work. I have learnt more about how hard it is to make video games with all the graphics today. I hope we do this again because it is so much fun.?
Allister ? Shrewsbury International School

?Today I learned about game designing and I learned about Scratch and Microsoft Small Basic. I also made some new friends. It was good to come here.?
Stella ? American School of Bangkok, Sukhumvit

?I am very happy that I made my own game, and I have done something that I have never done before in my life. I enjoyed having the new experience and maybe, I could become better at it in the future. It was good to work with students from other schools.?
Omsin ? Bromsgrove International School

?I have really enjoyed today. I particularly enjoyed the way Mr Denton showed us how to make games in Scratch.?
Max ? Bromsgrove International School