Boarding Year in Review 2019-2020

June 30, 2020

I write this to you from a very quiet campus as we come to the end of a very unusual year for all of us. Across the globe we have all been touched by this pandemic and that very fact unites us. As a member of the Boarding School Association we are in touch with schools across the world and remain very thankful that we were in the position to reopen and welcome back some of our children to conduct a proper finish to the end of the year.


I have just a few awards to mention from the competitions that were able to take place before the lockdown.

Thursday Team Time Champion for Term 1 was awarded to Edwards, congratulations to all who represent the red shirts and to everyone for taking part.

The two families who won the most competitions in Tudor House were Dior and Versace – well done. And congratulations go to Victoria and Tottenham for Windsor House. Thank you to all the Heads of the families for your pastoral support for those in your team and for showing such leadership qualities.

Team Captains of the year were awarded to Jacob, Jamie, Martin, Eva, Veronica, Jenny y10 and Yura. Congratulations to all and a huge thank you for your efforts in making Thursday evenings so competitive and so much fun. Future prefects in the making here.

All that now remains for us is to say a sad farewell to those who are leaving, especially as we did not have the chance to say a proper goodbye. Liana, Sky, Ling and Joanna move onto new schools, we will miss them greatly. Our Upper Sixth departs to University and beyond. We have so enjoyed our time with you, your company in the common room and your support for the house. You have made many friends we hope that you will keep in touch with. Take all you have learnt from Bromsgrove with you for a successful future. 

We have had a super year 13 this year, everyone such individual characters that have brought so much to the house and made it a home. Without Nick and Nelly the Boarding shop would not have existed selling delicious snacks, Nelly we wish you well in your studies in the Netherlands and thank you for being such fantastic role model to the younger girls. Nick’s leadership will be greatly missed whether it was motivating his family members to create some incredibly memorable musical and dramatic performances or keeping the boarding shop running smoothly, Nick’s contributions have been appreciated by boarders and staff alike. Hocky delighted us with his anecdotes and he was always available to befriend and interact with Windsor House boys of all ages. Hocky was also one of our most accomplished house chefs, and the house always smelled great when he was working on his gourmet creations. Paulina and Pim have been with us to the end, keeping us company, Pim smiling, happy and incredibly kind and Paulina, we will miss your enthusiasm and bubbly personality, it will be much quieter without you here! Ben was a thoughtful and motivating boarder and a great leader. Whether onstage or in the Windsor House lounge, his vocals filled our halls, and we are very excited to hear updates from his bright and promising future. Gaia managed the huge role of Head Girl alongside her school work and supporting her friends, an excellent role model and a hard act to follow, good luck in Singapore Gaia. Tawfiq was a reliable, friendly, and positive Prefect for the boys of Windsor House this year and especially for his family in Paddington. His live musical performances were amongst the highlights of this year, and we will miss his guitar and smooth vocals! Cathy leaves us for London where we wish her all the best in her studies, very studious, her determination to succeed is second to none. She will master most skills through her sheer hard work. Nen was an inspiring and artistic Family Prefect and his kindness and steady nature will be missed by his family members. Good luck and best wishes, Nen! We have seen Anastasiia grow into an accomplished young lady, always willing to push herself in a challenging situation, her quiet presence around the house was a comfort to all and we loved her quirky sense of humour. Good luck Anastasiia. Matt’s was a kind and caring boarder and Prefect of Waterloo this year. Besides being a great pool player, he was always approachable, flexible, and caring, and his easy-going nature will be missed by all. Yeonwoo’s leadership of Victoria Family and his incredible positivity will be greatly missed next year in boarding. His significant contributions to family and house events were appreciated by staff and boarders alike, and we wish him all the best in the years to come.

They have all been advocates of boarding and we will miss them all so very much. A very hard act to follow, the current year 12 have had great role models. Good luck at University – and please keep in touch with all your news.

With everyone away from school we have not yet awarded the senior boarding prefect positions for next year so this will take place during the first weeks back. If you are going into or are in year 12 or 13 please start to think if you would like to apply for a prefect role to represent and support your house and I will share the application process with you on your return.

Of course the houses would not run so smoothly without our amazing matron Miss M. With so many years of experience she remains calm and collected and is a welcome face in the morning and after school. We could not manage without her. Nurses Angie and Apple, and all our assistants, Natcha, Jess, Belle, Cece, Joe, Alex, Allen and Hady also deserve our heartfelt thanks and a restful holiday.  Huge thanks for all their hard work often at unsociable hours in Boarding also goes to our Housemistress and Housemaster, Mrs Powell and Mr James. Mrs Powell leaves us to continue her career in boarding at an American school in Bangkok whilst Mr James moves over to the day school to teach English in Secondary. Both larger than life characters, they will leave a huge hole and so we wish them well in their new roles, they will be sorely missed by the boarders and staff alike.

So I thank everyone for their support in such a difficult year.  The mix of all ages, chatting, watching a film, sharing a joke, cooking a meal, makes our house a home. I am extremely proud of all that the boarders achieve, big or small and for the continued acts of kindness towards each other.  

As the term comes to a close, we are looking forward to welcoming all our boarders back in August. I will keep in contact with parents and guardians as to how to manage the process. But for now, we hope everyone will have a wonderful summer. It may not be the usual holiday where you can travel, but make the most of it, cherish those simple times with your family. I wish everyone a happy holiday at home with their loved ones.

With warmest regards,
Tracey Tweddell