Bromsgrove at 4th Annual MUN Conference

November 16, 2018

On the 14th of October, Sunday, WISMUN (Wells International School Model United Nations) opened with an assembly led by the chairs and secretary of their 4th annual MUN at Wells International School with an astounding keynote speaker called Marco Roncarati. He presented a wonderful presentation on human development. The committees present in this conference were ECOSOC, HRC, SC, DISEC, and a new committee called the African Union. After the assembly, the chairs, the delegates and pages headed to their committees. The committees were filled with long debates about the topics at hand and creating resolutions for said topics. The debates were filled with interesting characters and with even more interesting speeches and resolutions created by all of the delegates present. Throughout, there were interesting debates,powerful resolutions and guest speakers.

The conference started off slow and uneasy with all of the delegates and chairs settling in, but started to pick up after the first break as everyone started to feel much more comfortable and confident in their positions. Nearing the end, almost every single one of the delegates got up to speak during the conference and by the end everyone had walked out feeling much more confident than when they came in.

Students in attendance in order of the photograph from top left to bottom right: Teerakan (I-tim) Churat, (Liana) Eunyul Choi, Tara Weili Koh, (Jenny) Yunseo Lee, Minjae Lee, Tawfiq Morshed, (Amy) Wen-Yu Tung, (Pump) Thanadon Teeravisut, Mrs Nagle (Advisor) and (Cathy) Yujia Zhou.

Here are some quotes from Bromsgrove students that went to the WISMUN conference:

Minjae“MUN has been a truly eye-opening experience for me. While initially being petrified at the thought of speaking publicly to a group of strangers, I soon came to enjoy the thrill and passion involved in debating on behalf of your allocated country, whether or not you agreed with its stance. The experience taught me that my knowledge of current affairs was previously embarrassingly shallow and lacking, urging me to take further interest in the constantly shifting dynamics of political, economic and social reforms around the world. I greatly enjoyed watching more experienced speakers ferociously defending the self interest of their nations in regards to the topic, often going on tangents from espionage to dictatorship, which was fascinating to listen to.”

Liana – “The scale of the WISMUN was much bigger than what I thought. I was scared actually, because it was my first time there. However, it wasn’t as hard or as formal as I thought it would be. It was really great in the way that all the delegate were enemies at certain points and then best allies the next. However, the things we talked about were all really intelligent and realistic. Though there were some delegates who had more experience and better speaking skills, we all had fun and it was a great experience overall. Also, great if you wish to make a lot of friends!”


Written by Teerakan (I-tim) Churat and Tara Weili Koh