Bromsgrove – FOBISIA Primary Games 2017

June 8, 2017

FOBISIA Primary Games 2017
31 May – 4 June
Thankyapura, Phuket.

Following months of training, the team finally set out early on Wednesday 31 May to travel to Phuket for the Primary FOBISIA Games.

The first day of competition was a big day for students, with the swimming competition during the morning and athletics during the late afternoon. It was a fantastic day with our students winning 41 medals in the pool and another 58 medals during the athletics. These efforts were rewarded as Bromsgrove picked up the overall champions trophy for the athletics and the runners-up trophy in the swimming.

Days two and three of the competition were the team sports days, with tee-ball on the Friday and football on Saturday. The Bromsgrove teams again performed exceptionally well, with the U11 team winning the champions trophy in tee-ball and the U10 team following that by winning the runners-up trophy.

Football on the final day was demanding following two full days of sporting activities, but again the BIST teams put on stellar performances. The U10 and U11 girls’ teams both won silver team medals and the U10 boys won bronze.

The games were a huge success for Bromsgrove with the students bringing home over 100 medals and trophies.

As a coaching team, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all of the parents for their support and encouragement throughout the games and the run up to them. We would also like to thank our sponsors, Pan Sport and Gap, for their wonderful support of BIST.