Bromsgrove International School – official venue for Code Club World!

November 10, 2014

Code club was started in the UK as a way of offering children the opportunity to learn coding and web design skills for free in a fun environment.

The students at Bromsgrove have long been benefiting from a first class education in coding and programming as part of their Computing/ICT classes.

Code Club Bromsgrove Thailand gives young learners from the wider local community and Thai schools the opportunity to use Bromsgrove’s superb computer suite facilities and develop these same skills. Code Club Bromsgrove Thailand is completely free and reaches out to Thai students who would not ordinarily experience coding at their age.

Students who attend a taster session at Code Club will have a great introduction to coding and programming, whilst at the same time using their imaginations and making creative projects. For example, we use Scratch to teach the basics of programming, as well as Python and Small Basic. Other sessions include web development using HTML and CSS.

This week, we welcome some students from Camillian Home who will join a taster session given both by teachers and by some of Bromsgrove’s Gifted and Talented students.

If you know of any child who would like to get involved and join free coding days at Bromsgrove, please get in touch.
Robert Golding
Technology Coordinator/Head of Computing