Bromsgrove won 2 awards in SEAMC 2018

March 9, 2018

On Saturday, our SEAMC students had another busy and productive day of energetic and challenging Mathematical activities. The day ended with a glamorous evening gala award ceremony.

We won 2 awards this year!

Pun was part of a 3 person winning team and won a senior gold medal for Collaboration. His contribution to the lightning, innovation and open question rounds was admirable, and he showed great teamwork and communication skills and thoroughly deserved his gold medal.

Abraham won an individual senior gold medal for Strategy. His scores in the innovation, duel and pursuit rounds were outstanding, with excellent application in critical and strategic thinking. These rounds are extremely challenging and require quick decision making under pressure.

A special well done to both Pun and Abraham!

We are extremely proud of all of our SEAMC students who conducted themselves with good manners, mathematical focus and an enthusiastic charm.

Thank you also to Mrs.Dixon for organising a successful Maths trip.

Mr. England
Head of Mathematics Faculty