Year 5 Magpie learning about different forces

October 19, 2017

Over the course of this half-term, Magpie class have been learning all about different forces during our Science lessons. Having already learnt what force is and investigated how friction works on different surfaces, the children wanted to explore air and water resistance.

After looking at air resistance in real life situations (by watching parachuting videos), the children were curious to test out their prediction that a bigger surface area would equate to a slower falling time. We agreed that by keeping all variables, other than surface area, constant and testing each parachute three times, we could be sure that our results were fair and accurate.

Following this lesson, one group wondered whether the same theories would apply to water resistance. Using blue-tac, we sculpted a shape with a large surface area and a shape, of equal weight, with a small surface area, predicting that the time they took to sink would greatly differ.

Overall, the children and I have thoroughly enjoyed thinking scientifically; making predictions, devising plans to test them out and evaluating our scientific work and, even thought we made a mess, at least we worked together to clean it up!

Mr. White
Year 5 Magpie Class