Camillion House

January 9, 2017

As representatives of the school, my fellow House Captains and I went to Camillian Home to donate some gifts to the children. Camillian Home is a place for disabled children to learn to lead a normal life once they are old enough to leave the place. Since the home is constantly in need of voluntary donations, we decided to run a fundraiser at our school where the students from Bromsgrove could donate their used shoe boxes which were used to make the boxes for the gifts, which were later wrapped in decorative wrapping papers.

Once the gifts were ready, we left for Camillian Home which is located in Lat Krabang. I had expected to see a bunch of children staring at us from a distance, wondering who we were, but instead we were greeted by just four children waiting and avoiding eye contact. Moreover, my first impression was that the home was very different to what I had expected, especially with most lights off in rooms and the lack of people in general.

However, once we got to see deeper into the Home wheremost children were, I noticed an obvious change of atmosphere. Some children were playing basketball, while others were doing listening to music or talking to each other and they had one thing in common: they all looked happy and joyful. I could sense that they all enjoyed being in Camillian Home and that they wouldn’t have been like this if donations like ours were not received as it seems that they keep the Home going. I was very proud of my actions and that we definitely were doing the right thing and helping to keep them happy.


Eventually the time for us to leave came, we took a last look at the Home and boarded the van back to school. We knew what we have done might not have been a grand gesture, but we all went back to school knowing that we had made a difference to those children.