Changes of Tee Bar 2015

September 28, 2015

Last week, many students were excited to see the changes of our Tee Bar. More selection of snacks and fruits were added into the list. Tee Bar has also launched a new coffee machine and this has given BIST a greater-tasting coffee! The working team have also brainstormed about how to improve the quality and taste of food. We finally reviewed the menu by getting input from parents and students, have more live-cooking demonstrated not only lunch time, but also in some evenings for Boarders. Miss Rachel Scannell, Marketing Manager of Bromsgrove UK visited our school as usual to exchange key learning, practices of Bromsgrove UK, etc. We normally incorporate all best practices from various sources in the world to come up with the best learning & development plan for our children. And to build capability of our staff, on Saturday Sep 26’15, we have organized the training on “Professional Selling” , by Khun Marote Vananan, who have extensive knowledge and experiences in sales area from global, regional, and local companies. We plan to provide more training in several areas for our staff to ensure that they are capable team to support our academic team effectively and efficiently.