Community Service

November 23, 2016

The last few weeks in boarding have been extremely busy but also lots of fun and very rewarding for our students. Community service has been a key focus driven by our student body and is something that we would like to congratulate the students on. Our first week back, saw the students choosing to make over 600 ribbons to hand out the school the next day. It was a fantastic team effort and the students should be proud of their achievements. On Saturday 12th November, some of our Year 11 and Sixth Form students volunteered at the Grand Palace after a suggestion from Head Girl. This weekend all of our full time boarders set up stalls and games at the Camillian Home Charity Event. They are now working on creating shoeboxes of gifts to give to the students that they met at Camillian Home instead of buying Christmas gifts for each other.

As well as community service, we have also spent the last few weeks improving students wellbeing. Every Tuesday, students now have the option to take part in a range of activities to improve their mindsets and wellbeing. From Basketball and Badminton, to time in the gym and yoga. After Christmas, this program will extend throughout the week as we see more and more activities being offered to our students, including a variety of Thursday Team Time competitions and weekend trips.