Congratulations to our Merit Certificate awarded winners this term!

August 19, 2014

The Headmaster, Mr Challoner and Mr Drew, Head of KS3, presented certificates to students today in assembly as a result of their hard work throughout this term. Recognition is made for students who achieve 25,50 or 75 plus merits in a term.

Students who received awards were as follows:


7 – Jint
8 – Natty, Ja, Cindy, Maisie, Joonho, Karn, Farsai, Niphon, Ayme
9 – Jeen, Pim, Zoom, Preaw, Guy, Julia, Gloria, Modem, Thomas (W), Alice, Belle, Vida, Kevin, Kaow.


7 – MJ
8 – Pop, Pun-Pun, Jessica, Daisy, Devi
9 – Nuna, Mild, Thomas (S), Fern


7 – Pon
8 – Puay
9 – Nicky, Lasanya

Pastoral Commendation  for Lewis Yr 10!

A special award was presented to Lewis, Yr 10 who received the accolade of a Pastoral  Commendation for his excellent contribution to school life. He has been recognised for his continued help with younger students in the Primary sports and with extra curricular help in the ECA’s. He received his certificate from the Headmaster, Mr Challoner and Mr McNaught, Head of KS4.