Congratulations to Walters House!

January 31, 2017

A big round of applause to Walters for taking home the trophy this year in the Early Years and Key Stage 1 Sports Day which took place on Friday 13th January 2017 at Bromsgrove International School Thailand (BIST), Windsor Park Campus.

It was a great opportunity to join the community together in order to support our youngest students at Bromsgrove with the aim to promote sportsmanship and participation. Many parents and grandparents came to cheer for the children while they raced through the 6 activity station carousel. It was lovely to see some parents also raced with their children!

The children had a set amount of time to complete as many runs for their house as possible, every completed runs earned 1 point for their house. Points were collected from each station and awarded to the 3 houses, Taylor, Edwards and Walters.

Station 1: the activity race, the children jump into 4 hoops then run a short distance, complete 3 star jumps and then either continue to a cone and back on a space hopper or for Pre-nursery driving a Little Tykes car.

Station 2: the ball slalom race, the children must run in and out of 10 cones, they then collect a ball and run as fast as possible back to their team to place the ball in their team basket, a point is given for each ball collected.

Station 3: the egg and spoon race, the children must try and balance an egg on a spoon and run a short distance to a cone and return to their team, passing the egg and spoon back to the next team mate.
Station 4: the water race, each team is given a cup, each child runs to a bowl filled with house coloured water (red/blue/green)they fill up their cup and return to their team to put the water into a bottle, the aim is to spill as little as possible and fill the bottle quickly.

Station 5: the tyre and sack race, the children push a tyre a short distance to a jumping sack, they then climb into the sack and jump to a cone and back, they climb out of the sac and return pushing the tyre back to their team.

Station 6: the obstacle race, the children climb through a hoop, then balance a bean bag on their head walking a short distance until they get to a crawling tunnel, they take the bean bag off their head and crawl through the tunnel, when out of the tunnel they run to a cone and back to the tunnel, crawling again through the tunnel, collecting their bean bag and running back to their team.

The Year 1 and Year 2 students also completed a one lap race, again to earn a point for their team, every child who took part in the race received 1 point, and the winner received an extra 6 points, 2nd place received 4 points, and 3rd place received 2 points.

This year Walters won first place for earning a total of 417 points, 2nd place Edwards, 371 points; and 3rd place Taylor, 364 points.

Towards the end of the event, we had an opportunity for parents to demonstrate their sporting prowess in a fun race, which was a mixture of what their children did in their race but with a touch of trickiness. And coincidently, Walters parents won. We finished the event with the presentation of the Sports Day Trophy for the winning house. Again, Bravo Walters!

This event could not have been successful if not for our youngest children’s determination and spirit, parents & grandparents’ support and participation, and all the staff members who put their effort into organizing every bit of details of the day. We are thankful for you all!

To watch Bromsgrove Early Years and KS1 Sports Day video, click here

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