Early Years Update – Half Term of Term 2 Academic Year 2017-18

March 16, 2018

I am always amazed by how much the children have grown and developed by the time we reach Term 2. The children have all settled in and have begun to form strong friendships, and are also learning how to manage their feelings effectively. Many of the children have made big steps in their learning and are growing in confidence and independence each day. Our ‘word of the week’ continues to be a great success and we have now introduced a scavenger hunt for the children to take part in at break and lunch time. I am so impressed with how many of the children can remember our words of the Week and are able to use the word in a sentence. This week we have been celebrating International Science week. The children have been looking at a range of experiments throughout the week and have had the chance to share their experiments with their parents at our Stay and Play event. To end the week we had a whole school messy day were the children explored sensory activities as well as a variety of messy science experiments!


Back in February, our Year 1 students experienced what life is like as a Year 2 student, at the ‘Big school’. The children received a tour of the school delivered by our Yr 2 students, joined a typical Primary PE class, experienced a drama lesson with our drama specialist and had lunch in the canteen with Primary, as well as enjoyed breaktime with all of the Primary children. Our Year 1 parents have also been offered this wonderful opportunity to see the Windsor Park campus. Where they will be given the chance to meet with both the Primary and Secondary Principals, discuss their child’s future steps in British Education, tour the campus, as well as raise any questions you may have about their child’s transition into Year 2.


Our class trips also have happened this term. Our Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception classes all visited places that would support both their gross motor and role playing skills. Pre-Nursery went to Molly Fantasy and role played being a shopkeeper, postman and Fireman. Nursery  visited Imaginia at Emporium and were risk-takers by climbing on the large play equipment. Reception class had a wonderful time at Kidzania were they role played being doctors, policemen, pilots, CIA and many more! They even got given Kidzania money for all the jobs they completed. Our Year 1 class were able to visit the Mini Murrah Farm where they learnt about Buffalos. They fed the animals, as well as made their own pizza and ice cream!


Overall it has been another fantastic term and I am extremely grateful to have such a supportive community on our Early Years campus. Thank you to all the students, parents, teachers and staff, for your continuing hard work with supporting all the children in our care.


Charlotte Ridley

Early Years Principal