FOBISIA Primary Games 27th-29th May 2016

June 8, 2016




Friday 27th to Sunday 29th May 2016, Bromgsrove International School Thailand hosted the FOBISIA Primary Games. Eleven international schools* from across Asia visited the Windsor Park campus for the first of a three day event, followed by two days at the Chalerm Phrakiat 72nd Anniversary Stadium and concluding on the Sunday evening with an award ceremony at the Dusit Princess Hotel in Hua Mak, Bangkok.Screen Shot 2559-06-08 at 09.34.33
Friday was a mixed team T-ball competition and the Bromsgrove A Team won. All the teams played really well under the professional supervision of external FOBISIA umpires. The PTA provided a great selection of food and drinks for the students and spectators, many of whom could be seen wearing orange to support our Bromsgrove Primary team, encouraging them by cheering over the sound of the upbeat music playing on the PA system and surely contributing to our win.
It was a great chance for the students and stafffro0m the 11 schools to get to know each other and socialise, while many of our secondary students attended the games to support their younger friends during their breaks from lessons and even stayed to watch after school. Epicure provided a great BBQ for all those involved and the students were treated to a stay in a hotel for the weekend, along with the students from other schools, turning this into a very exciting and unique weekend for all involved.
Saturday saw both boys and girls teams playing in a huge football tournament. There were four pitches across the stadium, which the teams rotated across throughout the day until the finals, and many of the matches became intense towards the end as the winning teams had to be decided through penalty shootouts. It was an exciting day for the players and spectators, as they got to witness a heated conversation between the referee and a supportive parent discussing the eligibility of a goal. All of the teams played at least four games even if they didn’t make it to the final, so it was a very enjoyable but exhausting day, and everyone slept well that night.
Sunday was half swim meet, half athletics, with all students taking part in individual and team events. Half of the students swam in the morning, before competing at athletics in the afternoon, and vice versa. The athletics included long jump, triple jump, shot putt, discus, T-Ball throw, three springed jump, basketball heave, quoit throw, 800 metres, 600metres, 400 metres, 200 metres, 100 metres, 60 metres, 4 x 100 metres relay, and all of our competitors did well both in and out of the pool.
James Goddard, a former Olympic swimmer, had coached the students for a week before the event; in special training sessions, as well as pep talks and tips on the day. He commentated on the swimming, while Mr Dye commentated on the athletics, with some fantastic help from his team of voluntary assistants, Bromsgrove staff and students, who were also timekeeping throughout the day in blistering heat. They were very proud to be seen in their white FOBISIA shirts and baseball caps, provided by parents from Pan and Gap, as well as collecting the free printed Instagram photo stickers from Instaroid. These were some great souvenirs of the weekend, and reminders of the memories made.

At the end of the three days, Bromsgrove hosted a luxury dinner and awards ceremony at the Dusit Princess Hotel in Hua Mak with Bromsgrove collecting medals across all of the events, which was a great way to conclude a weekend of sports and socialising. We’re all looking forward to the next one.Screen Shot 2559-06-08 at 09.35.15

“The FOBISIA Primary Games finished on Sunday with the final team leaving Bangkok yesterday afternoon. It was a superb event with all students and coaches having a great time.
The BIST students involved are very tired now but are very pleased with themselves, and have every right to be after winning our largest haul of medals at a FOBISIA Games to date.
Screen Shot 2559-06-08 at 09.35.35
The games would not have been as successful were it not for the support of our staff. It was great to see so many staff show their faces at some point over the weekend, and my particular thanks goes to the 22 staff that gave up their Sunday to keep times, measure distances, record and input data and help to make the day very special for 270 8-11 year olds.” – Mr Elliott Dye

“It was a fantastic three day event. Bromsgrove A boys won the gold in the first competition of T ball and the team’s training they had for athletics and swimming over the last few weeks could be seen – we were able to successfully get many medals in those events.
All the students were excited and enjoyed staying at the hotel and taking part in all the activities and evening socialising! It was extremely hot but the students just continued to work so hard. It was a competition the students will never forget.” – Ms Andrea Tarrant

* Regents International School Bangkok; North London Collegiate School, Je Ju, Korea; The British Vietnamese International School, Ho Chi Minh; Hornbill School, Brunei; St Stephens School, Bangkok; Garden School, Rayong; The ABC International School, Vietnam; Kolej Tuanku, Ja’afar; Kinabalu International School, Bangkok; The British International School, Kathmandu; Bromsgrove International School, Thailand

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