BIST in FOBISIA U13 Games 2018 Final Report

March 8, 2018

FOBISIA U13 Games 2018

Final report

Following all of the preparations and hard work, the FOBISIA U13 Games 2018 proved to be the most successful U13 games for a Bromsgrove team to date with an incredible 41 individual medals and 4 team trophies. Every student was involved in each of the four sports and they all contributed hugely to the overall success of the team.


Day One

The individual events day started at the pool with swimming. Given the size of some of the other schools and their squads, this was always going to be tough, but the students made a great start to the event. After 3 hours of swimming, the team had amassed 21 medals.

The afternoon of the first day saw our students competing in athletics events at the Thanyapura athletics track. It was a long and hot afternoon which started very well in the high jump for Isabel, Selina and Canon, all of whom medalled. We continued to see impressive performances from all students throughout the afternoon with our boys 4x100m team of Yusang, Isaac, Jamie and Aidan finishing off the last event with a bronze medal. The team won another 20 medals in athletics to add to their haul of swimming medals.


Day Two

The team sports took place on the next two days, with girls’ football and boys’ basketball on the second day.

Girls’ football started early and despite illness and fatigue the girls played extremely well, not losing a single game. Their run of results and a very tough draw in their last game secured the girls’ team the bronze medal in the football segment of the competition.

The boys started their team events with basketball. The boys started slowly with a win and a very close loss. The boys then upped their game and started to score points freely, winning their remaining three games and in the process winning the gold medal in the basketball.


Day Three

The girls and boys swapped sports with the boys starting the day playing football. After the exertions of the previous two days, it was very demanding and very hard for the boys to play at the intensity that they had hoped. Despite this, the team managed to go undefeated through their five games and won the silver medal.

The girls, who were the smallest girls’ team at the games, were also struggling with fatigue, which only got worse when Sang Sang picked up an injury. Despite this, the team were able to give one last big effort to win their final game and therefore win the bronze medal in the basketball.


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