September 28, 2015

On Friday, K. Mint, our School Director, and I attended an important meeting of ISAT (International Schools Association of Thailand), at which we learnt about critical developments in terms of government education legislation, and how we, as a bold and innovative international school at the cutting edge of best global practice, can be empowered and autonomised to achieve the very best for your children. It was a refreshing experience, and made us very optimistic and excited about the future of Bromsgrove. Equally exciting, as Ruth and Hannah have explained in their updates, is the burgeoning Student Voice programme at BIST. We aim to be the leading school in Asia in terms of democratising learning and developing student leadership, and the appointment of this year’s committees and student leaders is an exciting step in this journey. Finally, on Thursday 1 October, we are hosting our first, annual Polio Points Rock Concert. The concert will start at 6.30pm, and will finish by 8.00pm. There will be a nominal entrance fee, and proceeds will go towards our Polio Pointsfundraising. The band performing will be ‘Morning Four’, who impressed the audience so much at the Performing Arts Opening Ceremony last year. Trained at Rockademy music school, consisting of students from Bromsgrove, ISB and Shrewsbury, and having performed at BITEC, Big Mountain and a host of other venues and festivals in Thailand, theirs is amongst the best youth rock music in the city. All students are invited, so please encourage your child to attend. Parents are also, of course, most welcome too – so please let K. Trini know if you would also like to come.