November 4, 2015

On Monday, the Early Years campus was buzzing with activity as all the children took part in their Super Start to introduce the topic of Adventurers and Explorers. It was a great day, with children completing treasure hunts, making maps and binoculars, becoming travel agents, making passports and even exploring space. On Windsor Park, our Super Start was on Tuesday. It was an action packed day with a wide variety of activities. The Year 2s made a raft out of balloons, clingfilm and water bottles and tried to cross the swimming pool. This resulted in many wet children (and teachers). The Year 3s launched rockets, combining Design Technology and Science to varying degrees of success. The Year 4s had an Egyptian-themed Scavenger Hunt around the school, using their knowledge of hieroglyphics to work out the puzzles and find the prize.The Year 5 classroom became Dr Who’s tardis, and finally the Year 6s were dropped off at an unknown location and had to navigate their way back to school only to find an alien invasion had occurred and the field was full of crop circles and strange substances to investigate. Our week finished with Halloween Celebrations. The fun-filled day included story sessions and drama activities based on ghostly goings-on as well as a House costume competition. What a Super Start to our topic and the term!